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1 Actuate Corporation © 2007 Actuate 9 Technical Overview and Product Update Paul Clenahan VP, Product Management Actuate

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Technical Overview and Product UpdatePaul Clenahan
Over 1 Million Downloads
as of June, 2007
Open source initiative as part of the Eclipse Foundation
Founded, organized and led by Actuate
Project launched in October, 2004
Next generation technology
Eclipse-based Report Designer
Web-centric design metaphor
Standards based
Part of Eclipse “Europa” simultaneous release
Released on June 27, 2007, simultaneously with 20 other Eclipse projects
Support for a wider range of report types and easier report development
New chart types and more control over charts
New output formats to common office tools
New data sources and improved data access
Easier application integration and extension development
Dynamic Crosstab Support New Aggregation Builder Layout Preference Link to External CSS files Ability to use Styles in highlight rules Style support for Table of Contents Report Parameter Changes Property Editor Enhancements New Advanced Properties XML Source Editor Enhancements
New Chart Types Improvements to Existing Charts New simple chart API XLS Emitter Word Emitter PPT Emitter Postscript Emitter Web Service ODA Flat File Data Source Updates
Joint Data Set Improvement Dynamic Connection Profiles Application Context access BIRT Web Project Wizard BIRT Tag Library BIRT Chart Deployment ODA Project Wizards Report Examples View New Chart Examples View
* Actuate Corporation © 2007
Drag and drop creation
* Actuate Corporation © 2007
New Output Formats
Open: Eclipse, Java, portlets, XML, AJAX
Design sharing & interactive viewing for everyone
* Actuate Corporation © 2007
Web tool for exploring and manipulating report documents
Answer ad hoc business questions without writing a report
Actuate BIRT Options for iPortal and iServer
Ready-to-go deployment servers for BIRT Reports
Scheduling, security, email notifications, report management, …
Actuate BIRT Report Designers
Actuate BusinessReport Studio
Simple to use yet powerful template based model
* Actuate Corporation © 2007
Collaborative Reporting Architecture:
BusinessReport Studio
Enhanced column header and label control
Interactive Viewer
Easily select and act on multiple columns
More control over chart properties
* Actuate Corporation © 2007
Collaborative Reporting Architecture:
Improved generation of PDF output for printing
“Scale to page size” for wide reports
Better Support for Printed Reports
* Actuate Corporation © 2007
Range of IDE enhancements
Improved Text Handling, Graphics and Charts for Brochure Quality Reports
Full justification / keep next / keep together / soft hyphenation in dynamic text
Improved custom component creation
New Bubble Chart support
New Query Export tool to quickly prototype an Information Object
Information Object Designer now bundled with e.Report Designer Pro
* Actuate Corporation © 2007
* Actuate Corporation © 2007
SmartSheet Security – “Page level security” but with finer granularity
Each user only sees the report components for which he/she is authorized
Updated, easier to learn and more powerful user interface
Listing Wizard: Enables users to quickly create simple listing reports
New Report Functions for easier development and internationalization support
Extended security control in Actuate 9 SP2 with Dynamic Cell Locking
Cell locking can now be controlled on a user by user basis
Support for large end-user populations and less technical report developers
* Actuate Corporation © 2007
User Responsiveness and Throughput
* Actuate Corporation © 2007
Collaborative Reporting Benchmark
Test conducted at IBM’s leading edge lab in San Mateo, CA
Environment was 8-node iServer cluster, total 64 CPU cores
Near-perfect scalability up to 64 cores for batch generation, transient generation, standard viewing and interactive viewing
1.8 billion report pages generated per day!
Support for 43,000 active users viewing cached reports
Support for 10,000+ active users running on demand reports
Support for 10,000+ active users interactively viewing reports
Support for 1,000 active users of BusinessReport Studio
43,000 active users is equivalent to a 430,000 to 4,300,000 user population, depending on typical concurrency rate
* Actuate Corporation © 2007
Collaborative Reporting Benchmark
* Actuate Corporation © 2007
Easy for users to contribute content, share knowledge
Enables developers to be more productive and build applications faster
BIRT Exchange:
Community: BIRT Exchange