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Actuate Corporation. World Leader in Business Intelligence and Reporting Applications. Actuate Corporation. Partners. Select Actuate Customers. Select Actuate OEM Partners. Sales & Service Agent Portal. Sales Management. Customer Self-Service. HR Management. Performance Management. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Corporate Strategy* Actuate Corporation © 2007
Regional HQs: Fribourg, London, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto R&D: S. San Francisco, Kansas City, Shanghai, Toronto
December 1993
Financial Strength
$123 million in revenues (ttm) Profitable, strong cash balance and no debt
Traded as
Main point of slide:
Educate customer that Actuate is an established and solid company
Key Support Points to communicate:
Actuate is a global company, with R&D facilities across North America and China as well
We have financial stability. Our 100+ million dollars in annual revenue puts us in the top 2% of software companies (as accounted by IDC). (NB: “ttm” on the slide means trailing twelve months. It signifies how much in revenue we’ve done over the past 4 quarters)
From a partnership perspective, our goal is to have strategic partnerships with key technology infrastructure partners, like Oracle, SAP, IBM
Most significant partnership is with Eclipse
Eclipse is an open-source Java development framework
Actuate is the chair of the Project Management Committee responsible for the development of BIRT, the “Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools” project
We’ve incorporated this open-source technology into our own commercial platform
* Actuate Corporation © 2007
Select Actuate Customers
Key support points to communicate:
During our 12 year history, over 3,500 customers have chosen to do business with us.
Customers in a variety of industries are getting value from the Actuate platform
Within these industries, the leaders are choosing to do business with Actuate, such as AT&T and BT in Telecoms, or Bank of America and Citigroup in Financial Services
* Actuate Corporation © 2007
Select Actuate OEM Partners
Main point of slide:
Customer may already be leveraging Actuate for their reporting needs by using Actuate reports and analytics with packaged applications they’ve deployed
Key support points to communicate:
Many packaged application software companies have chosen to use Actuate as their standard reporting and analytics solution that they offer as part of their software.
Suggested transition to next slide:
The reason we’ve been able to build such a strong customer base, both in our direct to corporate business and our OEM business is because of our unique vision that has given these customers value in a way that no other solution can.
Enterprise Reporting
Applications Platform
Adopted by All Users
* Actuate Corporation © 2007
Actuate’s Mission
Actuate empowers organizations to maximize the use and value of their information assets
Actuate delivers Business Intelligence and Reporting applications that increase adoption of information to drive corporate performance…
Actuate arms employees, customers and
partners with the information they need to:
Maximize revenue
Cut costs
Report Developers
Business Users
Casual Users
Customers & Partners
Product Developers
Application Developers
Power Users
* Actuate Corporation © 2007
Extended Enterprise
Business Intelligence Applications
Packaged Performance Management
Operational performance reporting
Operational - operational reports provide details such as purchase orders by store, what items need a price change, transfers between stores, etc.
Performance reports - provide details regarding sales, margins, sales by units, effectiveness of mark downs, etc.
Financial reports - view profitability and sales margins
Product Movement Reports- track the movement of product from warehouses to stores by date order placed to date shipment received at a particular store
Price Management Reports - view the price history of the product and set future margins based on price history.
Weekly sales reports - provide a summary of sales across region by store location.
Reports Portal
Layaway Application
Product information decision-support
Drug Discovery
Compound status reporting
Blind study monitoring
Trial budget management
IND submissions
NDA submissions
Global wealth client reporting
Provider claims status
Consumer warranty services
Claims status reporting