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Great info if you are getting ready to retire.

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  • 1. ACAP NYOU; preparing the best for success. Jun 12Soldier Service Center, Building 5700, Room 185, Phone: 334-255-2558/2546Office Hours: Mon-Fri 0800-1600 Also open on DONSA daysWEBSITES: and ACAP ON-LINE and ACCESS TO JOB LEADSLook for a Job at Fort Rucker ACAP on FACEBOOKWe now rely on to keep you up-to-date with the latest events and information. Search forFort Rucker ACAP, or else click on (!/FortRuckerACAP). Click onLike and check it often. Get real time updates and information quickly. Employers post their linksand job vacancy announcements on our facebook page or else we post it for them. Check it daily!____________________________________________________________________________________ VA Window of Opportunity Ensure You File Your VA Disability Claim180-60 Days Prior to ETS/Retirement Date VERY IMPORTANT TO GET YOUR VA CLAIM IN ON TIME!_______________________________________________________________Bryan Tharpe, ACAP Transition Services Manager, Email: Alexander, ACAP Center Contract Manager/Counselor, Email: Chandler, ACAP Counselor, Email: Boozer, AL Veterans Outreach Rep (Wed 1000-1500), Email: Brent.boozer@alcc.alabama.govBritt Redmond, AL Veterans Outreach Rep (Wed 1000-1500), Email: Britt.redmond@alcc.alabama.gov__________________________________________________________________________________VIEW THE AIR JOBS DIGEST: Find dozens of aviation jobs. CERTIFICATIONS/ARMY e-LEARNING PROGRAMThe Army e-Learning Program is a resource that provides courses to help prepare Soldiers for varioustechnical certifications. The courses are free to the Soldier and their organization. The program does notprovide the certification exam, however it does provide courses, practice tests, and on-line books to helpprepare for the actual certification exam. Visit the following link for more information.

2. ACAPNYOU; preparing the best for success.NEW!! Hero to Hired Website THE ARMYS PREMIERE WEBSITE FOR SOLDIERS AND EMPLOYERSThe Army has implemented as an interim solution to connectingSoldiers/Veterans/Family members interested in seeking employment opportunities with privateindustry. Check it out! This Army website helps transitioning Soldiers and vets connect with50,000 employers who have vowed to employ them!ATTENTION ALL ACTIVE DUTY SOLDIERS WHO ARE RETIRINGVA PHYSICALSPrior TRICARE authorization is required for ALL ADSM appointments which happen outside of theMTF.It has been brought to our attention that all Soldiers who are still on AD status and retiring must have areferral entered by their PCM specifically requesting the VA Physical before the Soldiers go to their VAphysical exam or doctor appointment. After the PCM enters the referral the TRICARE authorizationprocess takes 7-10 business days to complete. The SM will get authorization letters in the mail fromTRICARE with approval for the VA visit(s).Failure to contact your PCM for the referral before going to the appointment will result in the Soldierbeing billed for all costs associated with the appointment(s). Currently soldiers who have failed to getpreauthorization are billed $525.00 per VA visit. Most often the bill comes by mail after the ServiceMember has retired._____________________________________________________________________________TRI-STATE NEWSPAPERS ON-LINE (AL FL GA)NEWSPAPERSAlabama NewspapersFlorida NewspapersGeorgia Newspapers_________________________________________________________ *** (MARKYOUR CALENDAR)(Pleasesupport these monthly employer visits. Manycompany representatives travel a long distance just to meet with you. If these 2 3. ACAP NYOU; preparing the best for arent well attended, in the future, these employers may choose not to cometo Ft Rucker any more.) Most are Fortune 200-500 Companies.We will try to host multiple employers instead of just one at a time in 2012.EMPLOYER VISITS SCHEDULED THIS MONTH Waffle HouseCSX RailroadU.S. Navy ReserveMeet and GreetThe Ft Rucker ACAP Center is proud to host Waffle House, CSX Railroad, and US Navy Reservesfor an Employer Day on 20 Jun 12 in Building 5700, 2nd Floor Break Room, from 1000 1400.Please come and network with these great military friendly employers. Even if its a while beforeyou transition, its never too early to network.___________________________________________________________________________FEDS HIRE VETSA Federal job web site ( launched by the OPM will help veterans andtheir families find employment in Federal Civil Service. This website will be the main source forveterans employment information and resources for veterans as well as hiring officials._________________________________________________________________________________As the Fort Rucker, Garrison Army Alumni Career Program (ACAP), Transition Services Manager, Iwould like to cordially invite you to become an ACAP client. As the spouse of a transitioning Soldier,this is an entitlement provided to you by Congress. Your participation in the program will add synergy toyour spouses endeavor to make a smooth transition into the civilian work force.Even if you are not actively seeking employment at this time, you can still become an ACAP client. Youand your spouse can effectively work as a team to support each other in this life changing event. Themore you understand about the job search process and your spouses benefits and entitlements, the lessstressful the transition will be for you and your family.Whether you will be seeking employment, or just trying to find more information, our 3.5-Day TAPEmployment Workshop will teach you the job search process, including how to prepare an effectiveresume and interviewing skills. The VA will also brief on veterans benefits. Additionally, after attendinga workshop, we have numerous resources in the ACAP Center, including one-on-one assistance with anACAP Counselor, to help you produce an effective resume and provide any advice you may need.Unfortunately, we do not provide child care. If applicable, please make arrangement for child care beforecoming to your appointment. Since the information and assistance that we provide is critical to yoursuccess, we discourage bringing your children with you to an ACAP appointment or event. 3 4. ACAP NYOU; preparing the best for success.Please call the ACAP Center at (334) 255-2558 or go to the ACAP Express web site: to enroll in ACAP and make an appointment to get started. I lookforward to your first visit at the ACAP Center.Spouses of retiring Soldiers are highly encouraged to attend the VA Benefitsbriefing along with their sponsor. They may still have benefits even after theirsponsor dies. Spouses are cordially invited to attend all events with the sponsor.____________________________________________________________________________________ DOD Resumes Military Career Spouse Program The Department of Defense recently announced the resumption of the Military Spouse CareerAdvancement Account - MyCAA - program. Beginning March 13 at 12 p.m. EST, the 136,583 militaryspouses who are currently enrolled in the program will once again be able to receive tuition assistance.We made a commitment to our military spouses when they established a career advancementaccount and we will be true to our promises, said Tommy Thomas, deputy under secretary of defense,military community and family policy.The first phase of the reinstated program will enable the department to continue to pay up to$6,000 in tuition assistance for spouses currently enrolled. The department is working hard to adjust andmeet the demands of the program and develop a long-term solution for spouses not yet enrolled whowould like to establish an account. The program was launched March 2, 2009, to assist military spouses in attaining portablecareers in high-demand, high-growth occupations. An unexpected spike in enrollment prompted theDefense Department to pause the program on Feb. 16. A thorough review began immediately to assurethe program was accomplishing its intended goals. When we determined that an operational pause in the program was critically needed, we failedto notify our spouses in a timely and appropriate manner, said Thomas. As a result of our failure, weknow we will have to work hard to restore their faith in us. We are committed to earning that trustthrough improved communication and by delivering services.The Defense Department is currently developing options for the long-term management of theprogram and expect to be able to announce the details soon. Until new accounts can be created, MilitaryOneSource Spouse Education and Career Consultants will continue to be available to provide educationand training, career exploration, assessment, employment readiness and career search assistance.ACAP CENTER RESOURCES AVAILABLE TO YOU:3.5-day TAP Job Assistance Workshops Automated writing toolsOne-on-one counseling assistance Internet/selected websitesPractice interviewing skill/toolsFax machinesEmployer visitsCopier & Digital Sender4 5. ACAP NYOU; preparing the best for success.Salary tools Telephone linesDepartment of Labor RepResource library___________________________________________________________________________________NOTE: The VA Military Service Coordinator is now working out of the Wiregrass VA Cliniclocated on the 2nd floor of Lyster Army Health Clinic. Office hours are 9:15 to 1:30 Tuesdays andWednesdays.GET YOUR VA RATING SHORTLY AFTER YOU GET OUT!Benefits Delivery at time of Discharge (BDD); We have the Military Service