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  • 1. Fort Meade ACAP Main Office 4216 Roberts Ave, 1st Floor Fort Meade, MD 20755 301-677-9871 SFAC 2462 85th Med BN Ave Fort Meade, MD 20755 301-677-6318
  • 2. Fort Meade ACAP Team Mrs. Countess D. Simiyu, Manager Ms. Sheilah Wright , Administrative Assistant Ms. Paula A. McNeill, ACAP Career Counselor Mrs. Carmella Forman, ACAP Career Counselor Mrs. Denise Elliott-Bourdeaux, SFAC Career Counselor Mr. Sharif Small, AFC, ACAP Financial Counselor Mr. George E. Matthews, Transition Service Manager
  • 3. THINGS SOLDIERS SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ACAP Location and Contact Info: Fort Meade ACAP 4216 Roberts Ave, 1st Floor Fort Meade, MD 20755 (301) 677-9871 ACAP Manager: Countess D. Simiyu Transition Service Manager: George E. Matthews Every Soldier who has been on active duty for more than 180 consecutive days, no matter the reason for leaving the Army, is required to complete Preseparation Counseling (documented on DD Form 2648) at least 365 days prior to ETS date or Retirement. Soldiers being administratively discharged should be directed to ACAP at the first sign that discharge is a possibility. Reserve Component Soldiers have to complete Preseparation Counseling also but it will be documented on a DD Form 2648-1. The 365-day criterion does not apply to Reserve Component Soldiers unless they are AGR. Preseparation Counseling can be done online at or in the ACAP Center on a computer. If the Soldier completes Preseparation Counseling online she/he must call ACAP @ 301-677-9871 to schedule an Initial Counseling. Its during Initial Counseling that the Soldier will be provided their copy of the DD Form 2648/-1 and informed about and scheduled for follow-on services. We encourage Soldiers to complete Preseparation Counseling at the office or at home vs. ACAP Center because the 2 hours it takes can be accomplished over a period of time; at the ACAP Center it must all be accomplished during one sitting.
  • 4. Only an ACAP Counselor can provide a Soldier with a DD Form 2648/-1. Therefore, Soldiers have to visit the ACAP Center in order to receive it. Soldiers who are deployed, or lack access to an ACAP Center can get their DD Form 2648/-1 by conducting Initial Counseling with the ACAP Call Center, 1-800-325-4715. At the conclusion of Initial Counseling the Counselor will sign the DD Form 2648/-1 and send to Soldier via encrypted email or postal service. Soldiers must provide the Transition Center a DD Form 2648/-1 in order to clear. There is no established standard for how much time a Soldier spends in ACAP. Soldiers may start the ACAP process 24 months in advance of retirement/separation The most important thing Soldiers get out of Preseparation Counseling is information to help them make smart decisions about their Transition Process. Soldiers will also be exposed to the other services ACAP offers or facilitates Other Services VA Briefing (Mandatory)* Dept of Labor Employment Assistance Workshop (Mandatory)* MOC Crosswalk (Mandatory)* Transition Overview (Mandatory)* Financial Counseling/12-month budget (Mandatory)* eBenefits Registration (Mandatory)* Individual Transition Plan (Mandatory)* DTAP Briefing Applying for a Federal Job Operation Boots to Business (Starting a Business) Starting a Business Franchise Understanding Education Benefits Dress for Success Employer Day & Job Fairs Individualized assistance with resume writing, job search, interview preparation, etc
  • 5. In addition to the events/items listed as Mandatory under Other Services Soldiers, based on their particular situation, Soldiers must also possess one or more of the following prior to separation: (1) Resume (2) College Application/Acceptance Letter (3) Job Application (4) Job Acceptance/Contract *All of these workshops/seminars/briefings are covered during the 5-day TAP/GPS Workshop that is offered once, and sometimes twice each month. Location for TAP/GPS Workshop is McGill Training Center, RM 1. Please contact the ACAP office for more information or to schedule the workshop. Mandatory workshops/seminars/briefings can also be completed virtually by visiting and clicking Virtual Center.
  • 6. Fort Meade Army Career Alumni Program, ACAP 4216 Roberts Ave, 1st Floor Fort Meade, MD 20755 Phone: 301-677-9871 Subject: Army Transition Program Fact Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions Purpose: The Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP), provides Soldiers and their eligible Family members transition and job assistance services at 74 Army installations. ACAP services include pre-separation counseling and employment assistance. Eligibility: Active duty Soldiers preparing to transition from the Army are eligible to receive ACAP services. All Soldiers must receive the mandatory pre-separation counseling and complete DD Form 2648, Pre-separation Counseling Checklist for Active Component Service Members, prior to leaving the Installation. Active duty Soldiers and their eligible Family members may initiate ACAP services up to 1 year prior to separation and for 180 days following their release from active duty. If retiring, ACAP services can be initiated by the Soldier and eligible Family members up to 2 years prior to retirement date and thereafter on a space available basis for life. 1. Is ACAP mandatory? ACAP is mandatory for all Soldiers who will have a minimum of 180 days of continuous active duty at the time of their separation. 2. When can my Soldiers start ACAP? Retirees may start ACAP after their 18th year of service, and non-retiring Soldiers have up to 24 months before separation. With an early start, Soldiers can take full advantage of all ACAP services without interfering with duty requirements.
  • 7. 3. Where can Soldiers receive ACAP services? The Fort Meade ACAP Center is located at 4216 Roberts Ave (the street runs between the post theater and post chapel). 4. Can Soldiers do everything on line? Soldiers cant do everything online. However, Soldiers can register for and schedule services as well as receive required Preseparation Counseling and complete DD Form 2648 or DD Form 2648-1online. ACAP On-Line makes the process of getting services easier and provides access to the same job search tools and resources used in the ACAP Center to write resumes and cover letters, practice job interview skills and conduct online research. 5. What is the average length of time required for a Soldier to complete ACAP? Pre-Separation Counseling + Initial Counseling: 3 hours. If Soldiers completes Preseparation Counseling online at office or home, the actual visit with ACAP Counselor only lasts 30minutes if the Soldier has completed Preseparation Counseling online. TAP/GPS Workshop (includes Transition Overview, MOS Crosswalk, VA Briefing, Department of Labor Employment Assistance Workshop, Financial Counseling, VA online benefits registration, and Individual Transition Plan Overview): 5 days, Monday Friday. Optional Seminars: (a) Starting a Business: 2 days (offered quarterly) (b) Higher Education Application: 2 days (offered quarterly) (c) Technical Track: 2 days (offered quarterly) (d) Dress for Success: 3 hours (offered quarterly) (e) Starting a Business Franchise: 2 hours (offered quarterly) (f) Applying for a Federal Job: 2 hours (offered monthly) (g) Employer Day: 2 hours (offered bi-monthly) (h) Job Fair: 3 hours (offered quarterly). Optional Services: (a) Resume Assistance: Time will vary based upon the skill sets of the Soldier. However, I rarely see a Soldier spend more than 5 hours with a Counselor working on a resume for the duration of her/his transition period. Most Soldiers who interact with a Counselor about their resume normally email their resumes to the Counselor and receive assistance electronically (b) Interview Practice: May take one to two hours but this is a service with extreme low utilization. Additionally, many Soldiers will work writing and revising resumes, searching for job opportunities, preparing for job fairs and and researching career fields. Obviously, all this work cant effectively be accomplished in a compressed timeframe. Consequently, Soldiers often spread their ACAP related activities over a period of months. Finally, Soldiers have to work their ACAP activities around duty requirements. Thats why it is important to get your Soldiers started early. BOTTOMLINE: If a Soldier attended the mandatory TAP/GPS Workshop and attended every seminar, and utilized every service the total amount of time he/she would be away from work is 120 hours. Spread over an 18-month period this equals 7 hours per month; 15month period = 8 hours per month; 12-month period = 10 hours per month; 6-month period = 20 hours per month.
  • 8. 6. Should it be expected that a transitioning Soldier may have multiple ACAP appointments? Yes. Soldiers can require several appointments to comp