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  • 1. My name is Domingo Diaz and I beenliving in Spain during my Chilhood. Afterfinishing my studies I started suffering theterrible economic situation that mycountry is suffering. As it is not easy to geta job here, and every month there is aterrible increase in prices. I am unhappy,my life is miserable, as I have to face anuncertain future because of the lack ofopportunities.

2. I have heard that Argentina is a goodCountry to live. Several people that Iknow decided to emigrate there. Theidea to move made me feel sad but Ithink is the best I can do . I hope to findthe opportunities there that I cannot findhere. Domingo Diaz 3. I grew up in Bs As because my parents decided to moved here when I was twoyears old. 4. What a place !!! 5. THERE IS NO DOUBT THATTHE BEST THING ABOUTTAFI IS THE CITY CENTREWHICH HAS THE MAINTOURISTS ATTRACTIONS. I DISCOVERED A BEATIFULLAKE IN THE MIDDLE OFTHE MOUNTAINS, ANDMOST PEOPLE WOULDAGREE THAT IS A VERYRELAXING PLACE 6. My great-granfather 7. The wedding !! 8. My grandmother 9. My mother and sister 10. Dear Peter How are you? I am glad you are coming, soI am writing because I would like to tell youthat you can stay at my house , with myfriend Susan. Susan is an attractive middle-aged writer,who has a long and distinguished career .Susan who is in her fifties, is quite tall anopen-hearted woman,with a round faceand beautiful blue eyes. 11. Despite her busy life, she tries hard to bein contact with her readers. Well, that is all for now. Please phone mewhen you get here. I am looking forward to seeing you, Roxana.