The Story of My Life

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The Story of My Life. Emma Walker ~FHS 1500. Hello, I’m Emma Walker. Born August 3 rd in Salt Lake City, Utah. Oldest of four children. Lives in Draper, Utah. Loves to play the piano, read, watch movies and do yoga. . A Few of My Favorite Things. Colors : Orange and Blue. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Story of My Life

The Story of My LifeEmma Walker ~FHS 1500Hello, Im Emma WalkerBorn August 3rd in Salt Lake City, Utah.Oldest of four children.Lives in Draper, Utah.Loves to play the piano, read, watch movies and do yoga.

A Few of My Favorite ThingsColors: Orange and Blue.Animals: Llamas and Elephants.Movies: Too many to name but a few are A Knights Tale, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Return To Me and Little Women.T.V. shows: Psych, Chuck, Gilmore Girls, Monk, The Office.Books: To Kill A Mockingbird, The Book Thief, Fault in our Stars, The Host.Bands: Maroon 5, One Republic, One Direction.

The Toddler YearsI was walking, running and potty trained by one year. I always had to be involved in whatever was happening. My mom had to hold me facing outward so I could see what was going on or I would cry. If anyone was over at our house I wouldnt sleep until they were gone. I wouldnt even play with my toys unless someone played with the toys with me.I was extremely talkative and interactive, but I was also very cautious. I spent my time in my imaginary world.ChildhoodMy parents let me try lots of sports to see what I liked and was good at. I participated in basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball, lacrosse, gymnastics and swimming.I went to two elementary schools, Crescent and Summit Academy. Moving and changing schools was a big change in my life. Growing up my family only had basic television so I spent most of my time playing outside. I loved riding my bike, playing kickball with my neighbors and coloring with sidewalk chalk.My primary friend was my younger brother, and I had friends younger than me. I always felt obligated to be a leader, because I wanted to.

AdolescenceI went to Summit Academy Middle School, which was a charter school with uniforms. There were not many students, so I knew everyone at school. I played on all the sports teams and joined all the clubs.I was an A/B student and cared about my grades.I had a set group of friends that I hung out with.Teenage YearsI went to Alta High School and that was a HUGE change. I now had no uniforms, there were THOUSANDS of kids, and I didn'tt have any classes with friends. I actually enjoyed the changes and I found a lot of my best friends there over time. I got my drivers license my Sophomore year and drove to school almost every day, which was awesome.I was the Team Manager for the Football Team and played basketball and lacrosse.I graduated in 2012 and went to San Francisco for my Senior Trip, with my mom and best friend. College LifeI earned a leadership scholarship to the U of U for one year, but decided to transfer to SLCC to finish my associates degree. Studying to become an Registered Nurse and possibly a Physicians Assistant.I have had 2+ jobs since I was 18 and I still live at home.College is one of the best things in my life so far because it has taught me a lot about myself, my future profession and other great life skills. I love it. Jobs = ExperienceI have worked as a CNA for 3 years. Ive provided in-home and facility geriatrics care. I was food server at a retirement home for 3 years. Nanny for a family for 4 years, which is one of my favorite jobs.Worked as a secretary and in retail.All of these jobs have taught me the importance of patience in my life. I have learned how to remain calm in stressful situations. They also have helped me realize that human interaction is important. You do influence others and can have positive or negative effects on people. I also feel rewarded when I work hard for what I have.

The Future: Dun dun dun.I hope to earn both my Associates and Bachelors degrees in the next few years and to be an Registered Nurse (RN) or Physicians Assistant (PA).I would like to have an enjoyable, respectable, steady job that I could support myself with and possibly my future family. It would be great to be employed in a hospital or doctors office where I would be helping people and improve their quality of life.Traveling the world and learning about different cultures, while seeing historical sights would bring me great fulfillment.