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Extract from my published book "My Life - Story" available as online reading, thanks to ISSUU. Access to complete version is password protected. Send me a message for details :)

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    No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise), without the prior written permission of the copyright owner / author.

    Copyright 2008 (c) Arti Honrao, all rights reserved.

    Cover Photograph by Joanna Ohmori, Japan.

    Publishing rights reserved with Sai-Kiran Publications

    ISBN 978-81-907134-0-5

    Book printed by Saibaba Printers Chembur, Mumbai. Price: Rs. 100

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    My Life Story

    Arti Honrao

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    The author would like to dedicate this book to Gloria Blier who has been authors inspiration for many years.

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    Special thanks to Janice Thomson for her encouragement during the writing of this short story. Thanks to Saptarshi Das for editing the story. Author would also like to thank all her friends who supported her and encouraged her to go ahead with the idea of publishing this short story. Last but not the least, the author would like to thank her family for supporting and understanding her while she spent time writing.

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    This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the authors imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to any actual person, living or dead, events, or locale, is entirely coincidental.

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    My Life-Story is the story of Kavya who believes in living each day as it comes. As she narrates her story we realize how her carefree nature extinguishes in the storms of her life and how she finally learns to take her own decisions.

    Leaving her house to marry the man of her choice and beginning life anew, she finally finds herself standing face to face with her family during a critical situation. What happens then plays a major role in shaping her life.

    During the course of this journey, she meets Shantanu, who has a positive influence on her life. How she copes with the challenges of her life and how she struggles to find her lost individuality is the center-point of this story!

    The story also lays emphasis on how her love for her husband blinds her and forces her to undergo emotional turmoil till finally she decides to fight back. What role does Shantanu play in her life? What happens in her life that almost brings her to the

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    stage of losing her sanity? Does she succeed in coming out of all these? Does she turn out to be a survivor? Read along as Kavya tells us her story

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    I always believed in living each day at a time until life threw circumstances my way, compelling me to take those firm decisions. Some decisions change your life altogether, this one sure changed mine. Though my life was not a roller coaster ride all the way, it did have its ups and downs; more of downs, you can say. Stability knocked on the doors of my life very late stage. However, as they say, Better late than never.

    Stability came in the form of Shantanu. He was like the first drop of rain falling on the scorched earth after a long hot summer. Like the fragrance of wet earth, which seeps into your being, giving the absolute feel good about life; like the sound of the brook to the ears of the person who has been thirsty for a long time like the ray of light for the person trapped in the dark for years. In other words, Shantanu was the hope of my life.

    Shantanu was my husbands friend. I say, was because my husband did not consider him a friend after what Shantanu did to him; rather, what he thought Shantanu did to him. According to my

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    husband, Shantanu broke apart our marriage of more than seven years. However, if you ask me, I would say Roshan gave this excuse to save him from the humiliation of not being able to keep his wife happy and take care of her.

    There are a few relationships, which are indefinable; not because they are not worth it, rather because they do not fit in any charter - they are beyond definitions. A few people simply call these relationships as friendships but most look at it with a disgusted look. My relationship with Shantanu was one such non-definable affair. A nameless companionship! We were not lovers but then we were not mere friends either. There was something special that we shared; something that was beyond flesh, beyond all the material things. Perhaps neither could understand it ever.

    Today, as I look back at those days of my life I ask myself a question, would I have married Shantanu had I been given the chance? The answer comes almost immediately NO. Though I am a mother to his daughter, he was never the man I was

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    looking for as a partner. I could never ever imagine sharing a bed with him. He was the best thing to happen to me, no doubt about that, but that was it. We were destined to meet and travel the journey of life together as two strangers who met along the way and would then go their ways at a later stage of the journey. Shantanu went his way to heaven, even before I got the chance to fall in love with him. I wonder whether I would have fallen in love with him, if he were alive. I cannot answer this question because I am not sure. After all that I went through in my life, I know one thing life has its own ways and it is unpredictable. Unlike this unanswered question of my life, one thing is clear my decision to end my marriage of more than seven years was the right decision. A decision I could take because of Shantanus support.

    Though the journey of my life started when I was born, my real life-story starts on the day when I first stepped into my sisters engineering college to submit my admission form. From then on, I had no control as to whatever happened. It was as if I had been possessed! As I said earlier, I always believed in

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    living each day as it came and so I just went on flowing with the tide, until finally I hit the shore. A few said I hit the wrong shore but I believe I finally reached the right shore after being tossed around by the storms of my life.

    Roshan was one of the team members sent to Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology to recruit a new breed of talented computer engineers for their companies. He was assigned to interview my sister and as I waited for her to come out of the room so that we could have lunch together, I was completely unaware what was going to hit me after a few minutes. I was hungry and frustrated and it was getting late for the movie with friends. I wanted to leave but my sister had requested me to wait for her. After what seemed like eternity, she walked out of the room. The expression on her face told me that the interview was not very good. However, my eyes shifted immediately from her to the person walking out of the same room. He was tall, dark and let me add very handsome! He wore an executive suit and a necktie. I could not stop myself from staring at

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    him. It was only after my sister pulled at my sleeve that I bothered to follow her to the college canteen.

    It was a blessing to see him following us to the canteen and while my sister and I had our lunch I often glanced at him from the corner of my eyes. After lunch, I grabbed a sandwich and rushed out of the canteen pushing the sandwich inside the bag. I was already late for the movie and my friends were waiting for me when I reached the cinema hall. We walked inside hurriedly and occupied our seats. During the intermission, when I walked out to get some popcorn for my friends, I saw him again, eating a sandwich. He was wearing casuals this time. Strange, I thought, when did he get the time to change? I did not realize that he had been inside the cinema hall. Little did I know he had overheard my conversation with my sister and knew I would be here, watching a movie with friends. He had managed to change and arrive just before the interval. I was both shocked and happy to see him walk towards me

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    Hi. Hello. Nice movie, huh? Yeah sort of, I replied, feeling a bit awkward.

    He had started the conversation as if we had known each other for a long time.

    Roshan. he said extending his hand. I shook hands with him and smiled, unsure whether I should tell him my name.

    Nice meeting you Kavya! How did he know my name? I thought. As if knowing what was going through my mind he said,

    I heard your sister call out your name as you were leaving the canteen.

    Oh. He would have tried to strike a conversation with me but people had already started returning because the movie was about to start again.

    Arent you coming in? I asked I have a phone call to make; Ill come in some

    time. I said goodbye and walked inside. On my way, I saw him shove a 500-rupee note in the hands of the guard. He walked out of the cinema hall.

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    When I returned home, I walked straight to my room; I wanted to tell my sister about this man. I should have known her reaction but then I was too excited. The idea that someone would want to come and talk to me seemed exciting. The first statement that she made after hearing what I had to say was,

    Stay away from that man, okay? Elder sisters always boss around; this was my

    reaction to my sisters warning. Just because you were cheated by some guy does

    not mean that every guy is wrong. I got the answer I deserved for this statement. Shraddha slapped me and walked out of the room. I wanted to take out my frustration and hence I started throwing things around the room, that night I did not have my dinner and my sister decided to spend time in the study, working late on her project. Dad knew nothing about the epi