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  1. 1. SSppaannddaannee TThhee LLaasstt LLeeccttuurree SSeeccttiioonn II MMyy LLiiffee SSttoorryy MMrr.. SSuuddhhiirr VVaaiiddyyaa..
  2. 2. Spandane The Last Lecture Section I My Life Story Index Section I - My Life Story Sr. No. Pages 00 Preface 3 01 My Childhood 4 02 My Village Memories - Hansha 4 03 My Father 5 04 My Mother 3 05 My Family 2 06 My School days 4 07 My Experience of Faith 2 08 My College days 3 09 My Article ship days 6 10 My Education 8 11 My Teachers 6 12 My Industry Experience and colleagues. 27 13 My Professional Career & Clients. 14 14 My Assistants 5 15 My Friends 2 16 My Dreams 2 17 My Food Habits 5 18 My Bad Habits 3 19 My Health 6 20 My Hobbies 3 21 My Pets 4 22 Games I Played 2 23 My Social Service 5 24 My GOD 6 25 My Experience of getting cheated. 4 26 Deaths seen in Life 5 27 My Death experiences 6 28 My Deadly Accident 5 29 My Likes & Dislikes 3 30 My Life Philosophy 4 31 My Reflections 11 32 My Search of a Happy Mans Shirt 9 33 My Spandane Articles 25 34 My Life at Glance 2 35 My Educational & Occupational Career at glance 3 36 My Family Tree 1 37 Thanks 3 38 Few Words . 2 217
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  4. 4. Spandane The Last Lecture Section I My Life Story Preface to Section I My Life Story Every one has a treasure of experiences in Life. But every one may not find it easy to document the same. On number of occasions, I made an attempt to jot down the memories of a particular person or an event. Some times I wrote chronologically. Due to preoccupation, this programme could not be continued for long. My childhood circumstance made me stronger, go getter, having absolute faith on efforts (Karma) and a disciplined person. It also made me outspoken, at times unnecessarily. It is really surprising that even a person like me had unlimited hidden vibrations (Spandane) on various issues. The entire credit goes to my beloved wife Mrs. Sumitra for this transformation. It was possible to unearth my hidden vibrations due to her excessive sensitive nature. I learned to live from my wife. Today I am on the verge of retirement. Last year I had read the book titled The Last Lecture written by Randy Pausch. He delivered the lecture on 18-09-2007 as he did not have long to live. We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand. said Randy Pausch. But the lecture he gaveReally Achieving Your Childhood Dreamswasnt about dying. It was about the importance of overcoming obstacles, of enabling the dreams of others, of seizing every moment (because time is all you have...and you may find one day that you have less than you think). It was a summation of everything Randy had come to believe. It was about Living. This book inspired me a lot. As a novel concept, I wrote a letter to my grandson on the occasion of his 1st birthday i.e. 10-06-2010. As I was writing the letter, this idea of writing the Last lecture struck my mind. Why not make an attempt? I have also lived against all odds in Life. I tried to overcome the problems almost single handedly. My Life experience was unique, which had great influence on my thinking and my outlook towards Life. Friends, my childhood would meet you time and again in various Articles as it has affected my entire Life and forced me to develop philosophies to counter the ill effects of that pain. Some portion may get repeated in different Articles but with a different context. I am sure that readers will excuse me for this unavoidable repetition.
  5. 5. Spandane The Last Lecture Section I My Life Story 2 Friends, I am aware that I have not done anything extraordinary in my Life but I did every thing with full involvement and sincerity. I request readers to judge me not from where I have reached but from where I have started my Life journey. I have evaluated my success from not what I have achieved but what I had to give up achieving it. Friends, I am proud to say that I lived as per my wish. I had set Life Time Table in my mind since young age. I assumed life span of 60 years and decided to accommodate all my dreams, education, career, social service ideas, hobbies, relaxation, relations etc. In fact, I always prayed and requested GOD to call me back after 60 years. I am happy to say that I have managed all my affairs including career, finances, relationship in such a way that if GOD really decides to accept my request, I will have no regrets. I never compromised on my Life philosophy. My employers and clients allowed me to work as per my wish and without interference. I have divided my Autobiography Spandane - The Last Lecture in various Sections / Topics instead of writing chronologically for the sake of my convenience. Section I - My Life Story Section II - My Letters. Readers would get to know about my Family Life & Outlook towards Life. Section III - My Tips Views & Observations on Various issues, situations, circumstances etc. I am hopeful that Section III would certainly induce the readers to rethink on these subjects and cross verify their ideas. Section IV My Spandane Poems Reference to some persons living and dead is inevitable in such type of writing. I have no intention of insulting or hurting anyone but if somebody is hurt inadvertently, I express my sincere apology for the same, well in advance. The purpose of making reference to a particular person is not to comment on that person but to unearth his / her impact on my mind and personality. I am dedicating my Autobiography to the fond memories of my parents. My father had left a great impact on my Life. He was a true Karma Yogi. His Life Philosophy still inspires and offers solution in case of need.
  6. 6. Spandane The Last Lecture Section I My Life Story 3 Your Life should be like a square meal. Your destination of Happiness in Life will be your mind itself if you can manage to keep balance /strike equilibrium between your educational/occupational career, family, health and friendship. I feel that I am fairly successful in this game. I also request the readers to visit my website for various Spandane Articles. My Life philosophy has been explained with the help of Moral Stories. I have included a separate chapter on my Spandane Articles with my personal comments. I would sum up my Life in one of the favourite Gazal. Bhogile je dukha jyala sukh mhanawe lagale. Evadhe mi bhogile ki maj hasave lagale. (I had to consider my pains and sorrows as happiness and I faced hardships to such an extent that I had to laugh at it.) I request readers to read the Autobiography serially to capture the real effect of my Life. I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Mrs. Sumitra, Deven, Devyani, and Romin, who have inspired me to write autobiography. Devyani deserves special thanks for carefully reading the Autobiography and making useful suggestions. Thanks Devyani. Best wishes to all. Sudhir Vaidya 15-05-2011
  7. 7. Spandane The Last Lecture Section I My Life Story 01 / My Childhood Every one gets childhood for a short while in the entire LIFE span. It is generally said that childhood is the best period/phase of Life. However, unfortunately, it was not so in my LIFE. Now at this stage, I can certainly say that my success in LIFE can be attributed to my childhood pain. I was born on 15th May 1951 in a middle class family. I was born in Sade Sati. My Mother got herself operated after my birth and hence I became the youngest in the family. I had three brothers and eldest sister. However my first brother (born in 1943) expired in his childhood. My elder brother was born in 1949 and eldest brother was born in 1947. My sister was born in 1940 when my mother was hardly 21 years old. Somehow I always felt that if I would not have lost my first brother, probably I would not have been born and would have escaped from this Life struggle. But that was not to be and now I am here documenting my Life Story. It is not possible to unfold the entire Life. Basically it may not serve any purpose for the readers. Every one has some painful corner and his Life journey is driven by that pain. Every one also feels that his problem is greatest. Greatness of problem depends on the distance between you and the problem. It should suffice for the readers to know that I also nursed the painful corner in my Life but I planned (Planning was in my blood.) my Life ignoring the problem initially and then adjusted with the problem to come out as a winner. But I must admit openly that it left a scar on my mind permanently. My fathers health was in bad condition at the time of my birth. I was looked upon as trouble boy as he fell sick. I failed to understand this criticism till date as my parents were responsible for my birth. My birth was certainly not in my hands. How my birth can be co-related with his sickness? I spent my childhood searching answers to such nonsensical questions and criticism. My fathers food habits were not good for his health. Having spent his childhood in a remote native place he was fond of rice which finally led to Diabetes. With his aggressive nature, he ignored it, thereby inviting more problems like TB. He had first attack of TB sometime in 1952. I was just 1 year old. He went to Talegaon Hospital (near Pune) for
  8. 8. Spandane The Last Lecture Section I My Life Story 2 treatment. Now under these circumstances how was I responsible for his ill health? In fact I spent my life till date in the fear of diabetes. I am writing this with a heavy heart but I am sure that my father will excuse me for this. What I have inherited from my father is far more than such pains but unfortunately I cant forget that my parents failed in their core and primary responsibilities towards their kids. My father got cured from TB in 1952. However, he again suffered from TB in 1957. He decided to get admitted in Talegao