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Presentations by all the panelists on Social Media Marketing at the Ed Tech Industry Summit on May 7, 2012


  • 1.Using Social Media Marketing to Connect with Customers and Increase Sales A Hot Topic

2. Moderator: Glen McCandlessPresident, Focus Marketing; Publisher, Panelists Brandi Heinz BrownSocial Media + E-commerce Manager, ETA hand2mind Charlene BlohmPresident, C. Blohm & Associates Ileana RowePrincipal, Corporate Growth Mitch WeisburghManaging Partner, Academic Business Advisors, LLC 3. Our Goal for This Session is toMeet your expectations based on thedescription in the conference program: Why social media; How to get started. What networks to use? How to get best results. Social media as part of your overall marketing strategy How social media marketing can be used to attract andretain more customers Best practices for K-12 and hi-ed audiences 4. Audience Poll 5. Why invest insocial media marketing (SMM)? Convince Me! 6. What are the benefits of SMM?According toa survey ofmarketingmanagers 7. Choices, choices, choices Which SMnetworks do weuse to engagevariousstakeholders? 8. Twitter, Google+, or Plurk Educators often raise their problems Educators look for good information or links You can connect if you can offer advice orlinks that helps them in their jobs and lives If you connect, you increased your brandrecognitionPotential Users Users Thought Leaders 9. #Edchat and other chats Expands your network of contacts Find out what mindshare leaders aretalking about If you contribute valuably, connectors aremore likely to share your informationPotential Users Users Thought Leaders 10. EduPln, Classroom 2.0, and other Ning Communities These members are often the technologyleaders, and you can connect with them Many tech savvy teachers go to thesesites, and if they see your name, you haveincreased your brand recognitionThought Leaders Potential Users 11. EdWeb, WeAreTeachers, and otherproprietary communities You can be a sponsor to directly reachtheir members Run a contest Run webinars AdvertisePotential Users 12. Reading & Commenting on Blogs Blog writers are often thought leaders: market research Potential buyers & users read these blogs Blog article links are often valuable to Tweet to other educators, while also connecting you to the blog writer if you site themThought Leaders 13. Writing Blogs Places you as an expert or thought leader if yourblog content if valuable to educators Tweet to hashtags to make entries better known When potential buyers look for you, they will findyour blog articles Method of staying in touch with potential usersand buyers who subscribeProspects Customers Thought Leaders Potential DMs Users 14. LinkedIn Industry groups, but not many educators Post job openings and look for jobs Become known within the industry by responding to group postsEducation Community Thought Leaders 15. Facebook Ive yet to see a well used educationbusiness page Follow some groups of educators toexpand your network Contribute links and advice to groups tobe perceived as helpful and a thoughtleaderUsers Potential Users 16. Diigo, LiveBinders, and other socialbookmarking Keep track and tag links that will be helpful Recall links when they are relevant to aquestion that was raisedPotential Users Users Thought Leaders 17. How to get started: Vendor options, costs, required resourcesWhat do you really need? Overall strategy and messaging Implementation and development Ongoing content creation and management Tracking campaign results and ROIResource: How To Spend Money on Social Media, 18. How much are you willing to pay for it? Social Media isnt FREE! Remember your goals need to be alignedwith your available resources No budget for SMM? If youre alreadyallocating marketing dollars to print, TV,radio or directory listings, evaluate the ROIwith hard data. Can you reallocate? 19. Costs InfographicResource: 20. How to get it done Full-service agency Consultant Full-time hire Training (for current staff) Free online resources A blended approach 21. Effectiveness vs.Effort and Use of SMMThere are manychannel options!Expect to applymore effort(resources) to getbetter results or toexpand SMMchannels 22. The Steps1. Use Your Network ask for referrals2. Expanding Your Search online directories/investinsocial.com3. Ask, Ask, Ask Who will be managing my account? Will you be implementing recommendations or will I? What tracking tools do you use? Which metrics do you actively track and report on? Once the engagement has ended how will the transition process work? Which accounts will I have access to and which will I own upon contract completion? Can you provide writing samples from any content creators working on my account? How will I be updated regarding my campaigns progress? Weekly call? Email? Monthly report? How will you recruit new followers and fans? 23. Putting it all together1) Get your house in order The FoundationWebsite/Blog usable, strong calls to action, easy to findgreat content for your target audience, keyword-rich landingpages2) Research/ListenCreate a listening station for your brand and industry termsSurvey current clientsResearch top industry blogs, tweet chats, hashtags, etc.Find key influencersKeyword researchStudy competitors 24. Monitoring: Whos talking about us, and where?Start with brand mentions, then build out your keywords.Example: Started with Follett = Too many results! Revised to Follett Software and Follett-ken Misspellings and abbreviations: Follet and Follett LibDo it with: Google Alerts Save Twitter Searches Did you know you can track links to your website by saving a search on your website URL? 25. Monitoring Others:Industry Topics and the CompetitionTopical HashtagsKeywords #edchat Relevant to your industry #edtech ebooks #mathchat Manipulatives #ntchat Math manipulativesConference Hashtags Competitors #etis12 Company names #iste12 Company social accounts #ira2012 26. 3) Goals/Objectives What do you want to achieve with social media? Measurable KPIs Realistic/Time sensitive4) Strategize Create your plan to achieve and measure your goals Define target/create personas Concept creation Tactics/Tools Content strategy/Editorial calendar5) Launch! Create your assets, profiles, blog posts, etc.6) Evaluate Weekly/Monthly reporting Review of KPIs Testing Tweaking / Optimizing 27. ReportingWeekly Dashboard Exposure(Reach/Views/Clicks) Engagement(Interactions) Growth Website Referrals Highlight posts 28. at ETA hand2mindStarted in January 2012Keys to success: Hot Topic Focused AudienceCommunity PerformanceMembers:672April Live Webinar Attendees: ~50Total Webinar Viewings: 2,273Average Views/Webinar:568 29. PinterestMost popular pins (2 oftop 6 are our products!) 30. Some Examples 31. The 30-30-40 Rule 32. ChannelPossible StrategiesFacebook Service providers: showcase personality for company or brand Content providers: credentials/thought leadership, contests andpromotions, sales leadsTwitterConsumer engagement Media relations Research Customer servicePinterestPromote products and link back to online catalog Illustrations and ideas for customer use Sales leadsSlideShare Thought leadership Sales presentation How to and What to featuring products or servicesYouTubeShowcase faces/voices of leadership team and customersGoogle+Similar to Twitter and Facebook, plus higher SEO in GooglerankingsLinkedIn Employee or customer recruitment Credentials/thought leadership and networking 33. Tying SMM toOnline Strategy 34. Contact Information Moderator Glen Panelists Charlene Blohm Brandi Heinz Brown Ileana Rowe Mitch Weisburgh


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