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We proudly accept Visa, Discover Card, Mastercard, Debit Cards, and Food Stamps. 1_b_BS We reserve the right to limit quantities, correct print errors. Pictures may not be exact on all items. Sorry, None Sold To Dealers. Visit us on the web @ http://www.pigglywigglystores.com NOVEMBER 12 -18, 2014 SUN MON TUES WED THURS FRI SAT - - - 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 - - - - 100-Oz. Select Varieties Gain 2X Liquid Laundry Detergent 8.97 14-Oz. Piggly Wiggly Cranberry Sauce 5 /$ 5 5-Lb. Piggly Wiggly Granulated Sugar 1.99 16-Oz., Reg. Or Unsalted Piggly Wiggly Butter Quarters 12-Oz. 2-Ct. Piggly Wiggly Deep Dish Pie Shells 1.99 64-Oz. Bottle Better Valu Apple Juice Cocktail .88 11.5 To 14-Oz., Selected Quaker Cap’n Crunch Cereals 10-Oz. 2-Ct. Piggly Wiggly Pie Shells 2 /$ 3 40-Oz. Piggly Wiggly Cut Sweet Potatoes 1.99 8-Oz., Select Varieties Piggly Wiggly Whipped Topping .87 4-Lb. Bag, New Crop Fresh Florida Sweet Juice Oranges 2.99 8-Oz., Select Varieties Chunk Or Piggly Wiggly Shredded Cheese 1.99 48-Oz. Bottle Piggly Wiggly Vegetable Oil 20-Oz. Bag Piggly Wiggly Shoestrings All Purpose Creamy Red Potatoes 2.99 New Crop Fresh Florida Sunburst Tangerines 2.99 WHY SHOP PIGGLY WIGGLY? Save Big Pig! with the Save Big Pig! PWP Angus Whole New York Strips 5.99 Lb. Fresh Whole Pork Boston Butt 1.99 Lb. PWP Angus Boneless Chuck Roast 3.79 Lb. Whole Smoked Pork Pincnics 1.49 Lb. Springer Mountain Farms Whole Fryers 1.29 Lb. Sold In 10-Lb. Bag Chicken Leg Quarters .69 Lb. 1.87 Squeal Deal! Squeal Deal! Buy One, Get One FREE Buy One, Get One FREE 14.5 To 15.25-Oz., Select Varieties Del Monte Vegetables 5 /$ 5 2 /$ 5 5-Ct. Butter-Me-Not, Buttered Or Buttermilk Morning Fresh Farms Texas Biscuits 2 /$ 1 PWP Angus New York Strip Steaks 6.99 Lb. Because we Cut fresh meat daily... Because Special cuts of meats are handled quickly at no additional cost... We also offer Fast friendly front end service with 100% carry out service! WHY WOULD YOU SHOP ANYWHERE ELSE BUT PIGGLY WIGGLY? 10-Lb. Bag 3-Lb. Bag Visit our website at: myNCpig.com

November 12 through November 18

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1. Visit our website at: myNCpig.comWhy shopPiggly Wiggly?Because we Cut fresh meat daily...Because Special cuts of meats are handled quickly at no additional cost...We also offer Fast friendly front end service with 100% carry out service!Why would you shop anywhereelse but Piggly wiggly?4-Lb. Bag, New CropFresh FloridaSweet Juice Oranges 2.992.99 New Crop2.99We reserve the right to limit quantities, correct print errors.Pictures may not be exact on all items. Sorry, None Sold To Dealers.web @ http://www.pigglywigglystores.comWe proudly acceptVisit us on the100-Oz. Select VarietiesGain 2X LiquidLaundryDetergent 8.9764-Oz. BottleBetter ValuApple JuiceCocktail .885-Lb.Piggly WigglyGranulatedSugar 1.9940-Oz.Piggly WigglyCutSweet Potatoes 1.9914-Oz.Piggly WigglyCranberrySauce 5/$511.5 To 14-Oz., SelectedQuakerCapn CrunchCereals16-Oz., Reg. Or UnsaltedPiggly WigglyButterQuarters10-Oz. 2-Ct.Piggly WigglyPieShells 2/$312-Oz. 2-Ct.Piggly WigglyDeep DishPie Shells 1.998-Oz., Select VarietiesPiggly WigglyWhippedTopping .87November 12 -18, 2014SUN MON TUES WED THURS FRI SAT- - - 12 13 14 1516 17 18 - - - -Visa, Discover Card, Mastercard, Debit Cards, and Food Stamps. 1_b_BS48-Oz. BottlePiggly Wiggly Vegetable Oil8-Oz., Select VarietiesChunk OrPiggly WigglyShredded Cheese 1.9920-Oz. BagPiggly Wiggly ShoestringsAll PurposeCreamyRed PotatoesFresh FloridaSunburst TangerinesS ave BigPig!with thePWP AngusWhole New YorkStrips 5.99Lb.FreshWhole PorkBoston Butt 1.99Lb.PWP AngusBonelessChuck Roast 3.79Lb.WholeSmokedPork Pincnics 1.49Lb.Springer Mountain FarmsWholeFryers 1.29Lb.Sold In 10-Lb. Bag.69ChickenLeg Quarters Lb.SquealDeal!1.87Buy One, Get One FREEBuy One, Get One FREE14.5 To 15.25-Oz., Select VarietiesDel Monte Vegetables5/$52/$5 5-Ct. Butter-Me-Not,Buttered Or ButtermilkMorning Fresh FarmsTexas Biscuits 2/$1PWP AngusNew YorkStrip Steaks 6.99Lb.10-Lb.Bag 3-Lb.Bag 2. 24-Oz. Polish, Hot & Spicy Or Reg.Roger WoodSmokedSausage 2.99SquealDeal!2_b_BSOur Butchers cut and wrap fresh meat daily!Dairy and Frozen Department!16-Oz., Select VarietiesInternationalDelight Creamer 2/$44/$516-Oz. Pkg.Piggly WigglySpread Quarters .7923.28 To 27.18-Oz.,Select VarietiesRed Baron OrFreschetta Pizzas20-Oz., Select VarietiesSimplyPotatoes 2/$46.4-Oz., Select VarietiesBanquet LinksOr Patties5.3-Oz., Select VarietiesChobaniGreek Yogurt 5/$58-Oz.Piggly WigglyCream Cheese 2/$348 To 56-Oz., SelectedPetIce Cream 2.9741-Oz., BowlParkayMargarine Spread 2.9919.6-Oz., SelectedPepperidge Farm3-Layer Cakes59-Oz., Select VarietiesSimply OrangeJuices 2/$632-Oz., Apple, Peach Or BlackberryMrs. SmithsCobblers 2/$616-Oz. Reg. Or LightMorning Fresh FarmsSour Cream 2/$39-Oz.Steak-ummSliced Steaks16 To 18-Oz., Select VarietiesYoplaitGo Gurt 2/$414-Oz.Piggly WigglyParker House Rolls16-Oz. 85% LeanButterballFresh GroundTurkey 2.49 12-Oz. Reg. Or Low SaltButterballTurkeyBacon 1.99 32-Oz. Box,FrozenFlandersBeef Patties 3.49Family PackWestern StylePorkRibs 2.99Lb.12-Oz.Select VarietiesGwaltneySliced Bacon 2.59SquealDeal!FREE Buy One, Get One FREE Buy One, Get One FREEBuy One, Get One 6-Ct., Hamburger OrWhite Castle2/$10 5/$53.79Cheeseburgers 12-Oz., Select VarietiesPictSweetDeluxe Vegetables6-Oz., Thanksgiving,Cajun Or Original FriedButterballTurkey Breast1.9912-Oz.Sea BestDeviledCrab20 To 24-Oz.,Frozen AssortedFast Fixin ChickenOr Meatballs 2.991-Lb. Pkg., Frozen41/50-CountCookedShrimp 9.992.493.991-Lb. Pkg. Reg. Or Bun-LengthBall ParkMeat Or TurkeyFranks 2.996-Oz., Grilled, Southwestern orOven RoastedButterballChickenBreast Strips1-Lb. Frozen Perch, Cod, Tilapia OrSea BestFlounderFillets 3.9916-Oz. Roll, Mild Or HotGwaltneyPorkSausage 1.59Springer Mountain FarmsWholeFryers 1.29Lb.4-Lb. Reg. Or Vidalia OnionFlandersBeef Patties 5.9912-Oz., Selected Bologna OrGwaltneyMeat Franks .99Family PackBone-InPork Butt Steaks 2.99Lb. 3. Quality Groceries You Can count on!15.25-Oz., Select VarietiesPillsburyCake Mix10.5 To 11-Oz., Select VarietiesCampbellsSoups16-Oz., SelectedWishboneSalad Dressings5-Oz. Chicken Flavor, Reg. Or SpicyAlpo Come & Get It! Dog FoodSquealDeal!8.1 To 24-Oz., Select VarietiesClassicoPasta Sauce11-Oz., SelectedNillaWafersDoritosSnacks 3.497.25-Oz.12-Oz.Texas PeteHot SauceMahatmaYellow Rice40-Lb., Special MealJoyDog Food47-Lb., Prime Cuts OrPiggly WigglyMacaroni & Cheese7.6 To 9.56-Oz.4-Pack, Select VarietiesKraft2/$E-Z Mac Cups715-Oz. Select VarietiesLucks Beans10/$84.75-Oz., Reg., Lite Or ChickenArmourVienna Sausage2/$16-Pack, Black Cherry,Cream Soda, Reg. Or DietIBCRoot Beer2/$611 To 14.8-Oz., Select VarietiesKeebler ChipsDeluxe Cookies15 To 16-Oz.,Select VarietiesPillsburyFrosting 2/$311.25-Oz. Cookie Crisp Or ChocolateCheerios, 12-Oz. Multi-Grain Cheerios orHoney KixGeneral Mills Cereals12 To 14-Oz. Select VarietiesGeneral MillsChex Cereal64-Oz, Select VarietiesOld Orchard HealthyBalance & Cocktail JuiceExcludes Green & Decaf;24-Ct., Family SizeLiptonTea Bags18.4-Oz. Select VarietiesPillsburyBrownie Mix10-Pack, Select VarietiesHi-CFruit Drink8.7 To 12-oz. Corn Flakes, Apple Jacks,Cinnabon, Frosted Flakes, Rice KrispiesOr Foot Loops10.5 To 15.2-Oz., SelectedKelloggsPopTarts12-Oz., SelectedQuakerInstant Grits28-Oz., Creamy Or CrunchyJif PeanutButter19.2-Oz., Select VarietiesPopSecret PopcornSelect Varieties, 11 To 38-Ct., Good Nites, PullUps, Snug Dry Or Little MoversHuggiesDiapers10 To 11.5-Oz., Select Varieties2/$524-Oz.8-Oz.24-Oz. Select VarietiesPiggly WigglyPiggly WigglyHyTopApplesauceInstant CoffeeDish Soap 11-Oz., Select VarietiesMorning FreshToaster PastriesHEALTH AND BEAUTY CARE SAVINGS!2.6-Oz., Select VarietiesSuave Invisible Solid3_b_BSMR. PIG SAVING YOU MORE!6-Oz., Select Varieties Pepsodent OrAim GelToothpaste5/$57 To 9-Oz. Select VarietiesGilletteShave Gel 2/$52/$58-Oz., Original Or AloePurell HandSanitizer2 To 4-Ct. C, D, AA Or AAADuracellBatteries3.692.6 To 4-Oz. Selected Old Spice OrSecretDeodorantSelect Varieties;8-Oz. Liquid Or 24-Oz. CapletsTylenol ColdDeodorant5.49 Or Sinus Relief 2/$32/$14/$55/$516-Oz. Reg. Or LitePiggly Wiggly1.99Coffee Creamer7-Oz.Piggly Wiggly FancyFlake Coconut3.294/$52/$34-Oz.Piggly WigglyBlack Pepper2/$44/$5.7918.9719.992.992/$332-Oz.Mean GreenCleaner2/$42/$53.992.999.992/$76-Double RollsAngel SoftBath Tissue 5/$596-Oz.Better ValuBleach 3.99188-Oz., Tropical Breeze Or Clean & FreshSun LiquidLaundry Detergent64-Oz., Select Varieties,Ocean SprayCocktail Juices2/$4.875/$52/$62/$51.992/$4Kelloggs CerealsSquealDeal!SquealDeal!9 To 13.7-Oz. Select VarietiesCheez-It Snacks.......................................2.9915-Oz. Fat Free Butter Beans OrLucks Giant Lima Beans..............................992.1-Oz., Select VarietiesFriskies Party Mix Cat Food......................2/$3Buy One, Get One FREEBuy One, Get One FREEExcludes100% Juices1.995.25-Oz., AuGratin OrPiggly WigglyScalloped Potatoes .9924-Ct. Dye Free Softgels or TabletsBenadrylAllergy Relief3.9915.25 To 19-Oz.Select VarietiesCampbellsChunky Soups 2/$38.5-Oz.Jiffy CornMuffin Mix 2/$17 To 15-Oz.Select Varieties KeeblerFudge ShoppeCookies 2/$43.492/$42/$5 4. Piggly Wiggly Farm fresh produceFarm FreshTender Zucchini OrYellow SquashFreshBartlett OrDAnjou PearsPremium RussetBakingPotatoes1.49Farm FreshCrisp Green.491.49Lb. CabbageLb. Lb.24-Oz. Pkg. GardenSalad Mix Or 16-Oz.Fresh ExpressShreds!Large RipeRedTomatoes12-Oz. Pkg., FreshBroccoli Florettes OrVegetable MedleyNew Crop FreshFlorida SweetJuice Oranges3-Lb.Bag4-Ct.Pkg.Medium SizeSweetOnions 1.49Lb. 2/$5 2/$52/$5 2/$5 2.99Ser ve these favorites wit h dinner tonightLET US CUSTOMIZE YOURTHANKSGIVING DAY MEALPrices Starting At39.99 & UpAll Orders Must Be Placed by Nov. 24that 5:00pm. Must Be Picked Up ByNov. 27th at 12 Noon.CallSiler City: 919-742-9888Pittsboro: 919-545-0294No WasteDole FreshCrisp Celery Hearts 1.9912-Oz.. BagPeeled BabyCarrots .99PremiumRed Or YellowBell Peppers 1.99Ea.4-Lb.BagSqueal Deal!Deli Fresh! Swiss OrKretschmarProvolone Cheese 5.99Lb.6-Ct. Pkg. Assorted VarietiesToufayanBagels 1.99Pkg.Cake of the Month!Pies of the Month!Bakery Fresh! 22-Oz.8-Inch Pumpkin OrSweet Potato Pies 3.99Ea.Bakery Fresh! 12-Ct. SelectedKings HawaiianRolls 2.99Pkg.28-Oz.AssortedPound Cakes 4.49Ea.750ML, Select Varieties5.88(All Varieties)PyramidCigarettes31.50Carton8 Pack 12 Oz. NR Bottles2/$71.5 Liter, Select Varieties 750ML, Select VarietiesSURGEON GENERALS WARNING: Smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema and may complicate pregnancy.750ML, Select VarietiesBeringer (Calif.) WineCartonMarlboro 72s,Special Blend, Black, EdgeMarlboro Cigarettes38.50Carton(All Varieties)USA GoldCigarettes31.50CartonSingle PackL&M, Baileys,Non-Menthol SmoothNewport Cigarettes2/$7Regular OnlyMarlboro,Menthol OnlyNewport Cigarettes2/$1018 Pack 12 Oz. Cans2/$1012 Pack 12 Oz. CansPepsi&Pepsi Products3/$102 LiterPepsi&Pepsi Products4/$5Pepsi&Pepsi Products13.9912 Pack 12 Oz. BottlesMichelob Light,Michelob Ultra10.99Prices inthis adgood at: SILER CITY 600 West Raleigh Street PITTSBORO 317 East StreetSILER CITY SUN.: 8:00 AM UNTIL 9:00 PMMON. THRU SAT. 7:00 AM UNTIL 9:00 PM24 Pack 12 Oz. Cans SuitcaseNatural LightPITTSBORO SUN.: 8:00 AM UNTIL 8:00 PMMON. THRU SAT. 7:00 AM UNTIL 9:00 PMPepsi&Pepsi ProductsYellow Tail Wine9.98Little Penguin WineSutter Home Wine2/$82/$ Pig9Not Available In All Piggly Wiggly Locations Not Available In All Piggly Wiggly Locations Not Available In All Piggly Wiggly Locations Not Available In All gly Wiggly Locations AssortedKretschmarOff The BoneTurkey5.99Lb.KretschmarCorned Beef OrPastrami 6.99Lb. 6.99 Bakery Fresh! 48-Oz.Two LayerCoconut Cake 7.992 Breast, 2 Thighs,2 Drumsticks, 2 Wings8-Piece FriedChicken