Wednesday November 18 th. NOVEMBER 18, 2015 VOCAB LIST 10

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Text of Wednesday November 18 th. NOVEMBER 18, 2015 VOCAB LIST 10

  • Wednesday November 18th

  • NOVEMBER 18, 2015VOCAB LIST 10

  • INQUISITIVE Maggie had an inquisitive mind and was always asking questions.

  • INQUISITIVE Part of Speech: adjectiveDefinition: Curious

  • AFFABLEDominique was always affable and courteous to her classmates.

  • AFFABLEPart of Speech: adjectiveDefinition: friendly

  • EXACERBATEMichael chose to exacerbate the argument by throwing a book at Alexs head.

  • EXACERBATEPart of Speech: verbDefinition: to make worse

  • SUBSEQUENTLiz put the holiday tree together subsequently by assembling the tree, adding ornaments, and piling the gifts underneath.

  • SUBSEQUENTPart of Speech: adjectiveDefinition: to follow one after another

  • LOVELORNMcKenzie felt lovelorn as she had no one to celebrate Valentines Day with.

  • LOVELORNPart of Speech: adjectiveDefinition: to be alone without love

  • CLAIMYour opinion or position on an issueMust be supported with evidence(quotes, facts, data)Evidence must be explained

  • COUNTER CLAIMConsider the opposite sideArgues against your claim

    Turn against your argument to challenge itThen turn back to reaffirm your position

  • REBUTTALTurn back to your original positionResponds to and refutes issues presented by the counterclaim

  • The Opposing SideAsk these questions:1. Who might disagree with my position? Why?2. What reasons do people have for disagreeing with me?3. What evidence would support an opposing argument?

  • Counter ClaimKey phrases to use:One might object that...It might seem that...It's true that...Admittedly...Of course...

  • REBUTTALReturn to your original argument based upon careful reasoning-Show why counter argument is mistaken-Acknowledge it, but show why it is less important

  • REBUTTALKey Phrases to use:butyethowevernonethelessstill

  • EXAMPLECLAIM: More Americans are choosing low-carb diets because the media promotes low-carb diets as the new way to a skinnier body.

    COUNTER CLAIM: Some Americans don't watch television commercials because they own a DVR or Tivo, but most Americans are exposed to other forms of advertisement in magazines, newspapers, and highway billboards.

  • Thesis and Forecast A thesis statement is always one sentence that states your assertion (belief) about a topic. A thesis statement usually includes a forecast (brief preview of your arguments).

    (I believe) ____________________ because of argument 1, argument 2, and argument 3.

  • Which of the following is a good thesis statement?I believe we must stop wasting food now!The problem of food waste can easily be solved by implementing three simple steps: reduce, reuse, recycle.If you arent reducing, reusing, and recycling, you should.I believe wasting food is a huge problem. We need to reduce our food waste. For example, make a shopping list before you go to the store, and only buy things you truly need. You shouldnt buy a gallon of milk if you are only going to drink a quart of it during the week. Who cares if the gallon size is on sale?

  • Supporting ArgumentsLogical Appeal (Logos)Does the authors proposal make sense?Ethical Appeal (Ethos) Is the authors proposal the right thing to do?Emotional Appeal (Pathos)Will accepting the authors proposal make me feel better?

  • Rhetorical Devices:Ethos, Pathos, Logos

  • Types of Supporting ArgumentsLogosan appeal to logic

    Often contain expert testimonyOften contain statistical informationSuggest that the product is the logical or right choice

  • Types of Supporting ArgumentsEthos-an appeal to do the right thing

  • Types of Supporting ArgumentsPathos-an appeal to the emotions

  • Not all emotional arguments are sad!,8599,1912454,00.htm l

  • Counter ArgumentsAddress Reader ObjectionsOil companies should not be allowed to drill for oil in Alaska.

    Schools should make overweight students eat diet meals for school lunch.

  • Be Cautious!It is true that counter arguments enrich argumentative writing

    However adding a weak counterargument or overdoing it cause worse results

  • Practice:Write a Claim and Counter Argument for ONE of the following topics (your choice!)

    1. To Die or Suffer: The Necessity of Physician-assisted Suicide

    2. Can cellphones be educational tools?

    *********Introduce the thesis statement model. Have students practice writing thesis statements with the I believe stem until they become proficient. Some students may only need to be shown the example onceothers may have to write four or five essays using the stem until they get the idea. I refer to the I believe stem as the training wheels for thesis statements. Once students are confident in their ability to write thesis statements, they can get rid of the training wheels. Show students the correlation between the planner and the thesis statement and forecast.Have students analyze these typical student thesis statements. The first is missing a forecast. The third has an assertion, and previews the arguments, but the tone is not academic. This is a great opportunity to discuss with students the use of first person, second person, and third person points of view in academic writing. The final example starts with an assertion, but the writer then launches into the heart of the arguments. Stress to students that the forecast is a concise previewthe full argument and supporting details should go in the body paragraphs, not the introduction. **Many students will have seen Captain America or The Avengers. Talk about why this particular ad, which is featured in the film, would appeal to the Captain American character.Discuss with students why sad images are often used in ads for companies that are soliciting donations. Discuss the effects of music in these ads as wellan example would be Sarah MacLachlans song In the Arms of an AngelDiscuss with students the power of the appeal of fun. This spokesman for Six Flags is a somewhat controversial choice in the business world. What about this creepy old guy suggests fun to young audiences? The desire to follow in the footsteps of a famous celebrity is also a powerful emotional appeal. Have students come up with possible counter arguments to these two assertions.**