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  • 7/30/2019 November 18 Newsletter


    November 18 2012

    Brad Seevers

    Senior Minister(740-550-9882)

    David TinglerAssociate Minister

    Scott BrownWorship &

    Outreach Minister

    Hannah Martin

    Director ofChildrens Ministries

    Sunday Services

    1st Worship8:00 a.m.

    2nd Worship10:30 a.m.

    Bible School9:15 a.m.

    Evening Worship6:00 p.m.

    Special Thanksgiving Offering

    The special Thanksgiving offering is going to help the victims of Hurricane

    Sandy. All gifts will be sent to IDES (International Disaster Emergency Service).
  • 7/30/2019 November 18 Newsletter



    KEENAGERS IN NOVEMBER: Dont forget that ware having our special Thanksgiving supper thevening, November 18.

    SUNDAY EVENINGS IN THE SANCTUARY: We wnot be meeting this week, November 18, as we ahaving the special dinner. However, we will return November 25 with Staying Morally PureCorinthians 6:14-7:1). On Sunday evening Decemb2, the topic will be Encouragement: Given aReceived (II Corinthians 7:2-16). We have nimessages remaining in this series. If you are ninvolved in a small group, on Sunday eveningsencourage you to join us. Communion is available those who desire. Also, remember that we now haactivities for children each Sunday evening.

    WEDNESDAYS: This week, November 14, our stugroups will be looking at the Reformation of Scotlaand England, as well as Christianity in the 17th and 1centuries. Why not join us for the 10:00 am or 6:30 psession?

    GIANT PRINT BIBLES: I still have, on hand, a fewthe giant print NIV Bibles. These are soft coveditions that sell for just $12.50 each. If interesteyou may contact me or our Church Secretary.

    FINAL THOUGHT: Money cant buy you friends byour enemies treat you better.


    Before America existed as a nation, the hardysouls who persevered to found this great countrymade the effort to thank God Almighty for Hisprovision and grace. Giving thanks in the earlysettlements across this new world was a spontaneousact by grateful people. They experienced a life sorugged, that without the providence of God they

    would have surely not survived. They were gratefulfor Gods favor and blessing.

    Today, Thanksgiving Day has become atradition, which like other traditions, has developed,grown, and transitioned from being a simple spiritualact of acknowledging Gods blessings, to a nationalevent of unbridled proportions. This day is meant tobe a time to stop, take notice of our blessings, andacknowledge God with a grateful heart. Let us notforget, there have been Thanksgivings in the past that

    were very trying and somber, days of prayer andfasting.

    As Godly people, let us tell the whole worldthat we thank Almighty God for His provident grace.The Bible says: Give thanks to the LORD andproclaim his greatness. Let the whole world knowwhat he has done (I Chronicles 16:8 NLT).

    May we never grow tired of telling the wholeworld about the Lord and what He means to our lives.

    In His Service,



    Matthew 28:18-20 (NIV)18 Then Jesus came to them and said, All authority in heaven and on earth has been given t o me. 19 Therefore go and madisciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching themobey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

    Just a couple of thoughts:

    Jesus establishes His authority and then issues a command. The command has three parts.

    1. Go and show people how to follow me2. When they are ready to commit, immerse them into service to Father, Son and Spirit3. Teach them to do everything I have commanded

    He then encourages them that they dont have to do this alone, that He will be with them.

    The nature of this commission is cyclical, meaning that as the apostles made disciples, those would in turn then follow the samplan to show what it means to follow Jesus, baptize new disciples and send them out. The success of this mission depends you and I continuing the cycle. Are we going and showing? Are we baptizing? Are we calling others into service to continue t

    cycle and take the world for Jesus?

  • 7/30/2019 November 18 Newsletter


    SPIRITUAL STATISTICSNovember 11, 2012

    Sunday School 81

    1st Morning Worship 101


    Morning Worship 75

    Total Morning Worship 176

    Evening Worship 62

    Wednesday (11/14) 24

    Weekly Budget $ 4,633.00Budget Received $ 3,812.05

    Thanksgiving $ 120.00

    Teen/Youth $ 10.00

    Postage Reimbursement $ 90.00

    Marriage Seminar $ 50.00

    Library $ 60.00

    Projector $ 20.00

    Van Fund $ 175.00

    Bessie Shumaker Memorial (Van Fund) $ 25.00

    Ed George Memorial (Van Fund) $ 150.00

    SERVING SCHEDULENovember 18, 2012

    At the Table 1st Tom Puckett and Larry Bussey

    Serving 1st

    Dale Rose, Ralph Conrad,Don Gardner, Jack Hardwick

    Serving 2n

    Dale Rose, Josh Czich,Nick Hinson, Jacob Neff

    Pastor of the week Tom Puckett

    PM Deacon Dale Rose


    stWorship Lori Highfield


    Worship Kim Seevers



    Worship Larry and Jane King


    Worship Dick and Marg Shumaker


    Sunday School Shirley Marsh and Margie Ayers


    Worship Tracy Eldridge and Marie Huffman



    Worship Janet Brown


    Worship Kim Seevers


    1st Worship Dan Brown

    Bible School Ray Coats


    Worship Mike Bussey

    Evening Worship Jim Puckett

    MAYWOOD MISSION FOOD PANTRYNon-perishable foods and various other items are

    collected the last Sunday of each month for the foodpantry at Maywood Mission.

    Suggested items:Canned soups Beef Stew

    Corn bread mix Pinto beansNavy beans Mustard

    Hamburger helper Tuna helperCake mix Brownie mixDeodorant Soap powder

    Toilet Paper Paper Towels

    Donations can be left at either entrance on

    Sunday, November 25th

    Last week in Childrens church we learnabout serving others, more specifically, t

    story of the Good Samaritan. This weekdedicated to being thankful and, as childrenGod; we have a lot to be thankful fHowever, let us also remember to haveservants heart during this Holiday Season.

    Luke 5:25-37

    *Happy Thanksgiving to all! I am so thankfor everyone here, and everything I have beblessed with.

    *December 1st we will be having a Pre-Schdrive-in!


    Library Sunday December 2ndPreschool thru 5th Grade

    Meet in the classroom area for a Kids Song

    Celebration. Bring an instrument or a suggestionof a favorite song! We will then travel to the

    Children's Library (located on the stage - Room116), to enjoy the book. We will also have a craft

    time. Parents are welcome. Come and get toknow Hannah Martin!

  • 7/30/2019 November 18 Newsletter


    SERVING SCHEDULENovember 25, 2012

    At the Table 1st Fred Griffith and Tim Huffman

    Serving 1st

    Patrick Wersell, Bill Kelly,Carmel Marsh, Dick Shumaker

    Serving 2n

    Patrick Wersell, Tom Puckett,Neal Rudolph, Dale Thornton

    Pastor of the week Fred Griffith

    PM Deacon Patrick Wersell

    COMMUNION PREPARATION1st Worship Lori Highfield

    2n Worship Kim Seevers


    1st Worship Dan and Janet Brown


    Worship Linda Daubenmire and Norma Holtom


    Sunday School Hannah Ross and Thea Kallenberg

    2n Worship Jean Azbell and Cindy Cox



    Worship Shirley Marsh


    Worship Julie Stuck



    Worship David Will

    Bible School Carmel Marsh

    2n Worship Jim Puckett

    Evening Worship George Lambert

    Ron Ogden Sharon Britch Nadine Garraud Jeane Goldfarb Jane King

    Alice Delong Charlie May Becky Wileys Mother Barbara Kerr Barbara BenadumOur Troops Stacy Byers Paul Severing Naressa Allen Wanda Dickson

    Barry Walker Don Taylor Paul Poston Adam Tokarz


    If you are not already on the prayer chain and wouldlike to be notified of the death of a church memberor a prayer request, please mark this on the back ofyour Silent Roll Call Card. Please include the phone

    number that you would like us to call.


    Just a reminder that names submitted for the prayer

    list will remain on the list for three weeks and thenwill be removed. You may submit the name again atthat time to have the person added back to the

    prayer list.


    The Dorcas Society will be having a

    pizza party on Tuesday, November 20th

    at noon in the church Fellowship Hall.

    All ladies are welcome!

    Book Nook News

    The next meeting of the Book Nois Monday, November 19th, at 6:p.m. We will be discussing TIsland of Heavenly Daze by LCopeland and Angela Hunt. Theare copies of this book in the churlibrary. Come and join our group fa great time of fellowship. All awelcome at the Book Nook.

    50thAnniversary Celebration

    Everyone is invited to a 50thwedding

    anniversary celebration for George and

    Betty Lambert on Sunday, November

    25th, from 2-4pm in the church

    Fellowship Hall.

    Thank You

    I want to send a big thanks to all peoplewho sent cards and prayer while I was sosick and in the hospital. Thanks to Daveand Brad for visiting me at the hospital

    and at the house both times.~ Bill Fricker

    Lost Key

    A Honda car key/opener was

    lost at church last Sunday. If

    you found a key, please turn it

    in to the church office.

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