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Marketing and pr issues

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  • 1. MARKETING AND PR Jess Britton

2. QUALITY 3. Some companies decide that they shouldnt focus on the price of their products, they should focus on the quality when marketing their products. For example these two companies, Waitrose and Marks and Spencer, have decided that they need to produce adverts that would appeal to people that want food that is decent. These two companies have gone for the same type of style, they use the same type of layout and colour scheme. These project the idea that the food is high standard, because the companies can afford to make their adverts look professional. The adverts themselves arent very complex, the main colours are black and green, and the only picture that has been used is the one of the food mentioned in the advert. The images that are used are laid out very professionally. They look like they have been taken by a professional photographer, and they have been edited to look more appealing. You can see from the images that they have been presented in a professional way too, they look almost expensive, which would appeal to people who want to focus on quality rather than money. 4. IMAGE 5. These two adverts are promoting face products for women. One advert is promoting a brand that is quite expensive,while the other is quite cheap in comparison. The brand that is quite expensive is Clarins, and the other is Simple. Clarins promotes goods that are a very good quality. They normally use ingredients that are quite expensive to use, so the advert would imply that this product would work, because of how expensive it is. The two adverts are quite similar, they use a colour scheme and image that make it look pure overall, so these two are putting across the affect that these two products are good to use. The first advert, for the brand Simple, actually looks like it has been made quite cheap, compared to the second advert. The edits of the models that have been used in these adverts both look like they have been done to a standard that shows that the products are good for you; there isnt much make up on them and it looks like they have been edited to look like they are supposed to look flawless. They both look like they have been taken in a photography studio, but the second looks more serious and less summery. The overall look of the advert for Simple makes the product seem affordable, unlike the second. The advert for Clarins would normally be in magazines like Vogue and Elle, unlike Simple. The overall look of this second advert would have to be very mature, so it fits in with the overall look of the magazines it advertises in. 6. PRICE 7. These two different companies are trying to compete for peoples loyalty. Every single supermarket that advertises uses this strategy; they normally explain what aspects of their store is cheaper than other supermarkets. Since they have to compete for customers, they make adverts that shows that they have products that are cheaper, they are overall cheaper, or that they can give money back if a customer has found the same product cheaper elsewhere. These two adverts are for Aldi and Asda, and as you can see for the first, they use comparisons of prices to lure customers in. the overall look of the first advert is quite cheap and cheerful, and they full video has the same look. This advert is showing people that you can shop for the same products cheaper with their own branded products. These adverts are very family orientated, and it aimed at people on a budget. The second advert, for Asda, shows that they guarantee that their products are cheaper then elsewhere, and if they arent, they can refund the money back. Asda would use this as a marketing strategy because it would make people think that they are the cheapest supermarket, and even if they aren't theyll make sure that the customer gets their money back from buying something more expensive from somewhere else. 8. VALUE 9. These two adverts are showing the value of the products that they are selling. The first advert, for Pandora,shows that the product that they are promoting is the best gift that a person can give. It has nothing to do with the price of the product itself, its about how much it would mean to the person that would receive the gift. This is a popular marketing strategy that companies use, because it trying to persuade people that the product that they are selling will matter a lot to people, and it would make the person buying the gift feel like they have done something worthwhile, no matter how expensive it is. This is similar to the strategy that H Samuel use in the next advert. They have decided to use the idea that the product that they are selling is priceless; that everyone deserves the perfect watch, no matter how much it costs. Both of these adverts havent included the price of their products in their adverts, and this just makes people more aware that the product is something that would mean something and it shouldnt matter what the cost is. This type of marketing strategy would most likely get more expensive products sold, because they are trying to prove that their products are a necessity. 10. MARKET AND COMPETITION 11. Every company that wants to sell products normally has competition. This is normally in the form of shops that sell the same type of products and have the same type of standards. for example an expensive make up range would have competition with make up ranges that sell their products at a similar price, but maybe not with companies that sell their products for under ten pounds. In the two examples that I have chosen, Asda and Tesco, advertise how cheap their products are. The advert for Tesco shows that if a person fills up two baskets of the same type of products, one from Tesco and one from Asda, then the basket from Tesco will be cheaper. This type of marketing would be aimed at people on a budget, and the company would want people to believe that they are the cheapest supermarket. The second advert shows a graph that is similar to this. Asda is trying to show that buying toys from Asda is cheaper than buying the same ones from Argos. Every company has competition with another company in the same market, so they have to use different strategies to get people to buy products from their company, and not from somewhere else.