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  • 1. Hand Tools creative Presentations Oluwatosin Timothy Adeniran You dont need to be a professional

2. Background Craftsman is a line of tools owned by Sears Holdings Corporation. The tools are sold in Sears, Kmart and Orchard supply Hardware stores. Craftsman was named Americas Most Trusted Brand and brand with the highest Expectation in 2007. 3. Brand Essence statement Strong and reliable 4. Brand Essence Core Identity #1 America tools Innovative User-friendly Fun to use Distinctive red color Durability and quality tools Extended Identity Handsome-The physical outlook of craftsman hand tools say much about the brand. Uniquely designed 5. Brand Essence Personality Sexy, Rugged, Determined, Professional, Protective, Reliable and Confident Craftsman Symbol Red and black Craftsman script logo Value proposition Craftsman is a line of tools-that include hand tools, power tools, lawn, garden equipment and work wear. Craftsman offers its customers/consumers exclusive savings through its membership program call craftsman club. Craftsman benefits include Functional benefits- Versatility-ability to multi-task on various DIY chores Craftsman hand tools are designed to minimize physical effort and discomfort to maximize efficiency 6. Brand Essence Emotional benefits Makes me feel like a genius Self-expressive benefit Craftsman hand tools customers feel like professional using the brand Relationship Trusted, fun and caring companion 7. Creative Brief What we want to achieve? You dont need to be a professional to use Craftsman hand tools- anybody can use Craftsman hand tools What is the one key insight? Craftsman hand tools are only meant for the professionals alone-the builders, construction workers, mechanics, therefore, the hand tools are very difficult to use. In fact, if you dont have the handymans training, forget about it! What do we want people to do? Try it. And see how simple and user-friendly craftsman hand tools are. 8. Creative Brief How should we tell them? They look tough though, but they are easier to use. How would they? Craftsman tools remains America #1 most trusted tools manufacturing company owned by Sears Holdings since 1927. While the brand has developed constantly to expand its offerings, integrate new technologies and feature ergonomic designs, the original purpose remains the same-Craftsman tools are the standard bearers of value. 9. Ads Ad #1Headline- Give a gift of love Tagline- You dont need to be a professional Ad #2 Headline- Ouch! I never hurt myself with craftsman. Tagline- You dont need to be a professional Landing page/Promotion Ambient concept 10. Landing page 11. Online ads 12. In store poster 13. Ambiance display @ train station