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This is Part I of 3 in my Advanced Project Management Course requirement where I had to pick a project. I picked setting up an Project Management Office because I believe PMOs are on the rise. Part II and III are available to show in relationship to job opportunities. I received a very high grade for my work and was complimented by the instructor on this project.


  • 1. Date:November 8, 2009Project Title:Set Up Project Management Office Management System to Improve Project-focused Success Rates and Customer Satisfaction
    Project Organization: Genesis Intermedia, Inc.
    • Project Manager:Ginger ReyProject Managers ResponsibilitiesPMO Project Integration Management (PMBOK, Appendix F, p. 411) Phase I Preliminary PlanningDirection, progress, and resource management of projectEstablish Entire Project Management Team Obtain project sponsor/CEO/CFO approvalTrack Initiation Efforts with SponsorInitiation Report StatusPrepare Preliminary Kick-Off AgendaCreate ChecklistGather Resource Requirements & DocumentationCollect Historical InformationFacilitate Kick-Off MeetingIntroductions of Selected Team Members/Project Sponsor/Internal Customer (Owner of company)Present Project CharterPresent SOWDefine Scope & DeliverablesCommunicate initiation status report, provide loose endsIdentify roles & responsibilities PMO team/project assumptions:Project orientation current/future roles (Herzner, p. 418)Phase II Detailed PlanningDevelop Project Management Plan (PMBOK, p. 411)Set up JAR/JAD sessions with teamReporting Structure & ProceduresCommunication PlanWork Breakdown StructureMilestone Schedule & Deadline ObjectivesSponsor/Change Board ApprovalPhase III ExecutionCritical Design Review (Herzner, p. 418)Provide updated progress reports to project sponsor/change control boardPrepare checklists of activities for new processesSponsor/Change Board ApprovalPhase IV Testing, Commissioning, and EvaluationChange Request Status UpdatesObtain Authorized SignaturesPhase V Project Close OutClose Project or Phase (PMBOK, p. 411)Satisfy Contractual RequirementsPost Project AnalysisAcceptance by SponsorRelease resources & Prepare ReviewsClose out work orders(financial close out) (Herzner, p. 453)Executive Sponsor:Diane Executive, VP Business Administration

Project Team Members:

  • NameTitleExpertiseResponsibilitiesKathryn IntelligentPMO DirectorPerform Integrated Change Control (PMBOK, p. 411)BA Engineering, PMP*PMO Manager (15 years)*IT Management, Operations and Infrastructure (10 years)*In-depth knowledge MS OfficeMS ProjectOPM3ExcelJournyxPrimavera P6Operations/InfrastructureDevelop initiate, approve, and prioritize standards & policies for project managementCommissioning PMs in organizational projects (submission, receipt, selection, prioritization)Evaluation of PM Training & MentorshipPMO repository libraryProject MappingCollaboration Tools for document management & sharingKeep Intranet updatedDocument ManagementEnable PMO team to lead change to increase project success rates of time, budget, and scope fulfillment.* Lead & Supervise PMsSupport project selection for PMsCoordinate resource management and allocation processesNegotiate between line and project managers for resourcesUpdate and validate communication guidelinesSupport project managers in preparation and refinement of client presentations * Communication Channels Project, Program, Portfolio status to stakeholdersCustomer contact/relationsAssist Proposal Manager in Proposals, takes charge after proposal sent to customerExecutive/PM liaisonCollective Team Status Updates to PM of PMODebra MentorProcess MentorMonitor and Control Project Work(PMBOK, p. 411)MBA, MIS, PMP, PMI Certified OPM3 Consultant.*Mentoring/Training (15 years)*Risk Management & Business Analyst Background*Organizational Project Management KnowledgeAssessmentImprovement*Expert Knowledge MS ProjectExcelJournyxPrimavera P6OPM3 Maturity Model*ProficientMS OfficePower PointProject ProcessesProcess mentor leadershipLead the continued development and execution of the project management lifecycle methodologyFacilitate transition from de-centralized to centralized structure* Training & MentoringPlan, organize and facilitate Individual Training Standards System (ITSS)Provide training for all facets of project management, including those led by resources external to the PMOPromote best practices, provide mentoring and training, review deliverablesConsultationStartup AssistanceJ.I.T. AssistanceProject RecoveryCallie ControlProject Control SpecialistDirect and Manage Project Execution(PMBOK, p. 411)MBA Accounting, PMP*Project Controls providing cost estimates, planning/scheduling, baseline review, development and maintenance (12 years)* Project portfolio management performance, investments(5 years)* Experience with Cost Estimating Software Tools* In-depth knowledge MS ProjectExcelPower PointProject Accounting & Forecasts* Control CostsBaseline validation and review, estimating, planning, scheduling, and project performance assessmentSupport internal and external project reviews and validationsComparing actual performance with planned performance; identify contractor corrective actionsConducting project management briefings and preparing reports to reflect program/project status, cost and schedule trends, funding and project uncertainties* Budget ManagementResponsible for authorizing project budgetsManage Journyx Time Tracking for projects (project accounting), payroll program that automatically transfers time and attendance, and expense information directly to critical payroll & HR management systems from anywhere on the Web)Schedule Maintenance* Portfolio ManagementMeasure progress & assure governance, Improve team collaboration Prioritize project investments and resourcesCost Estimating, what-if scenario modelingPrioritize project investments and resourcesAllen AnalystSystems Developer/Business AnalystTechnical :Software Development and DeploymentB.S. Computer Technology, Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP), Securing Networks Routers and Switches (SNRS)*Business Analyst (7 years)*Systems Developer (15 years)*Systems Analysis and Engineering: Operations developmentBusiness/object oriented analysis OO sequence analysis COTS trade studies Traceability and impact analysisDesign reviewsRequirements analysisReliability, maintainability, integration and testingSecurity, Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems *Business Analysis:JAR/JAD Facilitation Business Object/Process Modeling Business Process Reengineering Activity Based Costing Project Identification*Knowledge base:HTML, ASP, JavaScript, SQL Server (DBA, T-SQL, Stored Procedures, Linked Servers), Visual Basic XML, VB SCRIPT, Windows 2003+, C/C++, BASIC, UNIX, Software: Software: Journyx, MS Project, and PrimaveraInstall, Network, Interface Software/Hardware TechnologyTranslate business requirements into system design specifications; create project plans; develop, test and implement distributed software to support business requirements *Create Use Case Create detailed business and systems requirements for PMO/company interface, business process flows and diagramsReview activities in organization that may or may not be included in the role of the PMO using related conditions in a Project Perfect Checklist Matrix: uninvolvedmonitorinfluencecontrolCommunicate with functional/project managers to develop technical specifications for PMO projectEvaluate effects new requirement on existing systems and their various interfaces*Network DiagramsInterface new applications with existing applicationsfor related PMO activitiesIdentify user needs, map to system requirements Diagnose issues with applications running on the serverInterface with business clients, technical peers, offsite development resources and software vendors.Resolve business, functional and technical issues, and in the smooth and successful implementation of a projectTesting softwareExtract business requirements from interviews with business clientsPaul ProposalProposal & Contract ManagerLegalBids, Proposals, ContractsBA BusinessBids, Proposals, and Contract Management in Project Environment(10 years)Project Manager (5 years)* Expert Knowledge development & delivery of winning RFP/RFI documents with proactive proposals in technical environment* Manages overall plan for each bid in high volume tight timelineBids, Proposals, ContractsCreates persuasive RFP/RFI documents and proposals bids through information from project managers, line managers, and PMOFormulates and coordinates procurement proposals & bidsDirects/coordinates workers activity in formulating bid proposals.Evaluates/monitors contract performance to determine amendments or extensions of contracts, in compliance with contractual obligations Approves or rejects requests for deviations from contract specifications and delivery schedules Ensures compliance with RFP/RFI instructions and requirementsNegotiates, Administers, and ArbitratesContracts with suppliersAnalyzes prices of proposals, financial reports, and pertinent data to determine fairness of prices Claims/complaints regarding performance of contractsExtends, terminates, and renegotiates contracts. Contract Assistance TrackingMaterial & Service ProcurementCollective bargaining agreements Serves as liaison officer for contractor obligations

Project Team Reporting Structure:
The Project Sponsor, Diane Executive, and Change Board will receive updates from the Project Manager, Ginger Rey.The Project Manager will receive cumulative updates from the PMO Director and work jointly to complete PMO project.Direct reports will be given to the Kathryn Intelligent, PMO Director from:Debra Mentor, Process MentorCallie Control, Project Control SpecialistIngrid Integrator, Systems Developer/Business AnalystPaul Proposal, Bids and Proposals Manager (as needed)
Project Scope Statement:
The primary goal of the new Project Management Office (PMO) is to improve project-focused success rates and customer satisfaction through better governance of project managers through a new management system. The PMO management system will provide innovation and value for on-going operational and tactical projects by prioritizing project requests to align with strategic initiatives influenced by key requirements, available resources, and funding through organizational synergy and dashboards to accurately convey constraints and data needed to improve decision-making. The PMO objectives are to: 1) Establish Entire Project Management Office Team, 2) Form Centralized Structure, 3) Form Projectized Organization, 4) Implement New Project Software, 5) Initiate New Process, 6) Standardize Project Methodology and 7) Promote Customer Satisfaction to support a center of excellence.The PMO management system will support improved project-focused functions and customer relationships through the integration of multidisciplinary approaches to project management gained through expert knowledge, experience, and training using the Project Management Organizational Development Maturity Model (OPM3) and Journyx and/or Primavera software.This project applies to the Los Angeles office only; all other locations are out of scope. The PMO will support all facets of project management at the Los Angeles office, including those led by resources external to the PMO that affect project success and includes assigned resource employees as needed; the PMO will not apply to non-project employees or other employees at other locations.The PMO management system reflects a more predictable internal environment for projects to reduce employee time and effort increasing project success rates. Technical performance measurements will indicate tolerable risk ranges to evaluate the parameters of projects, reducing overruns and failures. PMO support promotes proper resource usage and information collaboration contributing to operational effectiveness and customer fulfillment. These factors minimize triple constraints of poor project quality, bad scheduling and excessive budget expenditures. The project has five phases with a time line of 20 months: 1) Preliminary Planning, 2) Detailed Planning, 3) Execution, 4) Testing, Commissioning, and Evaluation and 5) Close Out (predicted end date after Close: June 8, 2011.
Project Deliverables:

  • Establish Entire Project Management Office TeamGovernance Board for PMsPMO Director to perform integrated change control Operations/InfrastructureProgram ManagementPM SupervisionPM Communication ChannelsPM Document ManagementProcess Mentor to monitor and control project workProject ProcessesTraining and MentoringProject management lifecycle methodologyProject Management Organizational Development Maturity Model (OPM3) Project Control Specialist to direct and manage executionProject Accounting and ForecastsCost ControlsBudget ManagementPortfolio ManagementSystem Analyst-Business Developer to provide technical supportSoftware Development and DeploymentSoftware/Hardware: Install, Network, InterfaceUse Case and Network DiagramsProposal & Contract Manager to negotiate, administer, and arbitrate:Bids, Proposals, and ContractsRFP/RFI Documents and ComplianceContracts with Customers and SuppliersForm Centralized StructureUniformity of Command for PMsMove from weak matrix organization to strong PM authorityPM access to resources for projects through PMO partnershipPM assistance in planning, implementing, and measuringNegotiation power with line managersProcess Mentorship for PMsTraining to reduce project failuresProactive PreventionProper selection of projectsStart up assistanceRisk ManagementConsultation problem issuesProject RecoveryPM assistance in planning, implementing, and measuringForm Projectized OrganizationProject Focus OrientationReviews of Projects, Processes, and Project ManagersRevised Reporting StructuresPMO Policies and Procedures HandbookImplement New Software TechnologyJournyx and Primavera replaces outdated technologyNew software to fulfill project requirements, resolveaccounting, tracking, and scheduling conflictsSoftware Deployment & TrainingNew project management software progressively positions PMs with tools for improving project successJournyx time tracking and cost accounting softwareData obtained in real-time from business intelligence serverScheduling and mapping tools for billable time reportingRepository data managementCost accounting systemExpedite expense approval processesPrimavera P6 controls projects schedule and costsPortfolio managementDocument managementJob cost and project controlsProject analytics and risk managementCost versus schedule performanceInitiate New ProcessPMI Capability Maturity Model, OPM3 Training & DevelopmentProject, Program, Portfolio Management Improves Performance; increases productivity, updates best practices, and checkpointsLevel 1 StandardizationPMO authorizes critical decision making process improvements for projectsPMO establishes standard policies for project management in conjunction with company strategiesPMO active processes are establishedPMO policies supplied to stakeholdersDocumented processes are supplied to stakeholdersPM software is consistentWork processes consistent for outputs through training and knowledge management (Schlichter: PMI, 2003, Figure 8)Level 2 MeasuringMeasurement processes...