Inspirational Ideas for Using Secret Pinterest Boards

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Get inspirational and creative ideas for using secret boards on Pinterest

Text of Inspirational Ideas for Using Secret Pinterest Boards

  • 1. Secret Pinterest BoardsNot all Pinterest boards have to be shared with the public. Create secret Pinterest boards to keep your pins private.

2. How to Create Secret Pinterest Boards Find out:How to Create a Secret Pinterest Board in 3 Easy Steps You can create up to 6 secret Pinterest boards Invite others to pin to your secret board. 3. Inspirational Ideas for Secret Pinterest Boards Use secret Pinterest boards to organize ideas without others knowing. 4. Get Inspirational Ideas for Using Secret Pinterest Boards 5. Gift Ideas As youre shopping on the Internet, pin gift ideas to a secret Pinterest board.Image courtesy of asenat29 via Flickr 6. Secret Passions Keep your secret passions hidden while you pin to your secret board. Save ideas for decadent delights and guilty pleasures without making your pins public.Chocolate Sundae image courtesy of The Culinary Geek via Flickr 7. Romantic Dates Plan a special event for that special someone using a secret Pinterest boardImage courtesy of Mick T. via Flickr 8. House Hunting Pin real estate listings from your neighborhood or your next home town to a secret Pinterest board.Image courtesy of UGArdener via Flickr 9. Home Renovations Planning to update your existing home? Need ideas for inspiration? Use a secret Pinterest board to organize images, articles and websitesKitchen images courtesy of Susan Serra via Flickr 10. Comparison Shopping Compare products, reviews, shopping websites and more with secret Pinterest boards Whether youre shopping for a new car or the perfect pair of shoes, Pinterest can help you keep track of what you want and the best place to get it. 11. Diet Ideas and Inspiration Use secret Pinterest boards to help you achieve your diet goals: Inspiration Recipes Diet plans Fitness Tips Information 12. Medical Issues Research medical issues without the world knowing. Save helpful websites, articles, forums Pin tips for coping and life skills 13. Surprise Parties Collaborate with others while keeping your plans quiet from the guest of honor Baby showers Surprise birthday parties Anniversary parties Bridal showers Retirement parties 14. Wedding Plans Pin ideas for wedding gowns, rings, wedding cakes, bridesmaid dresses, shoes, flowers and more to secret Pinterest boards. Collaborate with close friends and family by inviting them to your secret wedding boards.Grace Kelly Wedding image Courtesy of Linda Loveday Via Flickr 15. A Baby on the Way Start planning for your babys arrival immediately before youre ready to share the exciting news. Pin nursery decorating ideas Save favorite baby name sites Pin baby announcement ideas Keep the babys gender a secret 16. New Logo Ideas Thinking of changing the logo for your business? Pin inspirational logos to a secret board Add others to your secret board to get input without revealing potential logo ideas to the public 17. Monitor Your Competitors Keep track of your competition Monitor marketing ideas Advertising campaigns News articles Product announcements 18. Prepare for a Meeting or Speech Getting ready for a big meeting or speech? Use a secret Pinterest board to: Research information Collect images Save inspirational quotes Remember anecdotes 19. Business Ideas Use secret Pinterest boards to help you organize your business ideas while keeping them private: New product ideas Advertising ideas Trademark ideas Business plans 20. Job Hunting Thinking of switching jobs? Use secret Pinterest boards to: Keep track of job opportunities Research potential employers Save information about others who have the job you aspire to 21. Article Ideas If youre a blogger or journalist use secret boards to pin: Topic ideas Images Infographics Research 22. Vacation Plans Who isnt planning their next vacation? Save your dream destinations to your secret Pinterest boardsBeach chair image courtesy of Pam Morris via Flickr 23. Find our more information at The Wonder of Tech18 Inspirational Ideas for Secret Pinterest Boards