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Thursday, February 13th from 6:30-8:00

Mandatory attendance for grade ◦ or alternate asst. TBA after Gallery

Displays up until February 27

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We need to set up all 3 browsers to PT Media◦ www.ptmedia.net

IE Firefox Chrome

We will do this TODAY!

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See us about scheduling Media courses for next year!

◦ Photography◦ Broadcast◦ Journalism◦ Yearbook

If you do not put a courses you really want as first choice and alternate, they will NOT schedule you into that course!

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Gallery event or Gallery tear down

Winter sports playoffs

Spring sports coming

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Be sure to use template

Timely but not within 2 weeks ahead of event

PSA or friendly messages

Upload JPEG only

If misspellings or poor work, won’t be posted

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Jostens contest

Submit yearbook worthy photos

If you want to enter, please see teacher by February 21 for paperwork

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Level 2 – Aperture Priority◦ Select amount of light◦ Select depth of field

Level 3 – Camera Raw◦ Shooting at higher resolution◦ Different file extension readable only in Photoshop

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Level 2 – Special Lighting Effects

Level 3 – Camera Raw

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Level 2 – Texture or Color◦ Shoot 20 texture OR color photos

Level 3 – Ordinary/Extraordinary◦ Take photos of ordinary items in extraordinary way

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Gallery/Gallery Tear Down

Winter Sports

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Eliminating Blogs

Will informally present photos on last day of each month

Must save photo in “sharing” folder

Will be asked to speak briefly about photo and comment on at least one other student’s photo aloud in class

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Move to best work

Delete current month


Under 1GB