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Ladakh tourism

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Ladakh Tourism

Ladakh Tourism

About ladakh :Ladakh is a region in Indian state ofJammu and Kashmir that currently extends from theKunlun mountain rangeto the main GreatHimalayasto the south.It is one of the most sparsely populated regions in Jammu and Kashmir and its culture and history are closely related to that ofTibet.The largest town in Ladakh isLeh followed byKargil

Cuisine :

Ladakhi food has much in common withTibetan food the most prominent foods beingthukpa andtsampa known in Ladakhi asngampe(roasted barley flour).A dish that is strictly Ladakhi isskyu, a heavy pasta dish with root vegetables.Most of the surplus barley that is produced is fermented intochang, an alcoholic beverage drunk especially on festive occasions.

Festivals :

One of the biggest and most popular is the Hemis festival. It is celebrated in June to commemorate the birth of Guru Padmasambhava.In September, the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department with the help of local authorities organize the Ladakh Festival. The Government of Jammu and Kashmir organizes the Sindhu Darshan festival at Leh in MayJune. It is celebrated on the full moon day (Guru Poornima).

Adorned by the great Himalayas, Ladakh resides in the lap of Jammu and Kashmir. The place offers exquisite beauty and traces of rich Tibetan culture, uniquely matched with rugged trails and rollick adventures. Wrap yourself in the fresh frosty weather with a visit to these five most loved destinations in Ladakh :

Top Five Places to Visit in Ladakh :

1. Leh Palace - Built by King Sengge Namgyal, this 17th century palace is a nine-storey building that offers a panoramic view of the capital city of Ladakh, Leh. You can delve in its rich royal heritage with a trip to the museum showcasing antique jewellery, ornaments, attires and the grand ceremonial crowns.

2. Pangong Lake - Remember the last scene from Aamir Khans 2009 blockbuster 3 Idiots? Thats right, Pangong Lake is the location where the scene was filmed. Situated in the Himalayas at a height of about 14,270 ft., this lake extends from India to China. A five hours drive from Leh, the route to the lake makes for an adventurous road trip with its dramatic mountain course.

3. Zanskar Valley - This is an ideal destination for adventure-travel enthusiasts. Take a rafting trip on the wild Zansker River from Padum to Sangam for a high adrenaline experience.

4. Magnetic Hill - Up for a taste of mystery? This hill located near Leh in Ladakh, follows the national highway through the Leh-Kargil-Baltik route. It is a gravity hill that creates an illusion of an uphill road, when the way is actually going downhill. It will be a fun ride for those looking to do something different.

5. Shanti Stupa - Shanti Stupa is a Buddhist white-domed stupa that was built in 1991. On a hilltop in Chanspa in Leh district, the stupa is situated at a height of 4267m. Visit the place for its unique Tibetan style architecture, Buddhist religious importance and a breathtaking view of snow-clad mountains.

Ladakh tourism is as much appreciated by Indians as by tourists from foreign countries. Plan your trip with Thomas Cook, a well-known travel agency known for its top-notch services in hospitality and tourism. They will manage everything from your tickets and hotel booking to complete tour packages.