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  • Day Tours in Rome

    A nice day tours in Rome

    Well start our itinerary from Piazza della Repubblica

    in order to visit the Basilica di Santa Maria degli

    Angeli e dei Martiri. Leaving the Basilica, well go

    through via delle Terme di Diocleziano and well

    arrive in front of the National Roman Museum.

  • From here, well turn on the right in via del Viminale

    and well reach via Torino, from this point we are

    going to see on the left, the Church of Santa Susanna

    and on the right the Basilica of Santa Maria

    Maggiore, in which well enter.

    Before entering the Basilica, we go towards the front

    of the church in order to see the Column with the

    Statue of the Madonna. Also, before entering the

    church, lets have a look on the left and we will find

    the Holy Door that the Pope is used to open

    exclusively during the Jubilee.

    Once visited the Basilica, we go out on the square

    and we take via Liberiana and then we arrive in via

    Santa Prassede in order to visit another Basilica:

    Santa Prassede. From via di Santa Prassede, we arrive

    at Via San Martino ai Monti, then via Domenichino

    and well arrive in Largo Brancaccio, at least in Viale

    del Monte Oppio inside the Park of Colle Oppio.

    Inside this site, well visit Trajans Termae and the

    Domus Aurea. To get to see the Domus Aurea is

  • required to book a few days before (the tour lasts

    about an hour and a half).

    Leaving the Colle Oppio well to Largo della

    Polveriera, then via Eudossiana and at the end well

    reach Piazza San Pietro in Vincoli in order to visit the

    Basilica San Pietro in Vincoli, inside that well find

    the Michelangelos Moses.

    We come then to Via dei Serpenti and well walk to

    Piazza della Madonna dei Monti, well turn between

  • exclusive boutiques and cafes, well make a

    refreshing break and well get to see the Suburra


    In the afternoon, from via dei Serpenti well reach via

    Baccina and well visit the Forum of Augustus and

    Trajans Markets.

    At this point, if we like, well enter the Museum of

    Imperial Forums to experiment the ancient Rome,

  • while if we are tired of seeing historical things, well

    reach Via Nazionale in order to do some evening



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