HBK Tours: Rome 2011

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HBK Tours: Rome 2011. Aim of this evening. Introduction of staff Purpose of the trip Itinerary of the trip Emergency procedures Clothing and luggage Money Rules Questions. Your Staff. Purpose of the Trip. General Purpose RE Students Non-RE Students. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Aim of this eveningIntroduction of staffPurpose of the tripItinerary of the tripEmergency proceduresClothing and luggageMoneyRulesQuestions

  • Your Staff

  • Purpose of the TripGeneral Purpose

    RE Students

    Non-RE Students

  • Day 1 Saturday 19th FebruaryFLIGHT DETAILS00:00 - Leave school (midnight on Friday/Saturday)04:00 - Check in at Heathrow (with NST)06:00 Flight departs09:30 Flight arrives (Local Time) met by NST11:30 Anticipated arrival at Hotel Lux13:00 The start of the tour!!

  • Day 1 Saturday 19th FebruaryWHEN IN ROME...13:00 - Lunch Pantheon (open)San Luigi dei Francesi (2.30)San Ignatazio di Loyola (3)Chieasa dei Gesu (4)Piazza NavonaCoffee & Gelato18:00 Latest to return to Hotel19:30 Dinner: Archi Romane Restaurant (3 course)After Dinner: Rest

  • Day 2 Sunday 20th FebruaryThe Empire Strikes Back08:00 Breakfast09:00 Leave Domus AureaColosseumArco di CostantinoForum (tour tbc)13:00 Lunch

  • Day 2 Sunday 20th FebruaryThe Empire Strikes Back14:30 Groups divide via Capitoline HillKeats MemorialCarrivagio at San Popolo17:00 Meet at Baberini Metro17:15 Capuchin Crypt18:30 Back to Hotel19:30 Dinner La Famiglia Resurant ( course)After dinnerTrevi fountain & More gelato

  • Day 3 Monday 21st FebruaryIf it aint Baroque dont visit it07:00 Breakfast bring everything you need for the day with you to breakfast.07:30 Leave (need to be at Vatican by 8:30)09:00 Tour of the VaticanTour of VaticanTour of Sistine ChapelTour of St. Peters Basilica 13:30 Lunch Cross the Ponte Sant Angelo

  • Day 3 Monday 21st FebruaryIf it aint Baroque dont visit it14:30 Bernini TourFontana dei Quattro Fiumi Palazzo Montecitorio (house of Italian Parliment) Piazza del Quirinale to SantAndrea al Quirinale. Quattro FontaneFontana del Tritone (and Fontana delle Api).Santa Maria della Vittoria & The Ecstacy of St, Teresa18:30 Hotel19:30 Dinner Hard Rock CafeAfter Dinner - Spanish StepsCoffee & GelatoRETURN AND PACK EVERYTHING!!!

  • Day 4 Tuesday 22nd FebruaryThe Good Shepherds?08:00 Breakfast All bags brought to front desk to be left in luggage room.09:00 Leave for Repubblica09:30 San Giovanni10:30 San Clemente 11:30 Pietro in Vincoli12:30 Photo outside Santa Maria Maggiore13:00 Return to Hotel and collect luggage

  • Day 4 Tuesday 22nd FebruaryFLIGHT DETAILS13:30 Coach pick up time at Corner of Via Marsala and Via Solferino15:20 Check in at Rome Fiumicino Airport17:20 Depart Rome19:10 Arrive London (Local Time)22:30 Arrive back at HBK

  • Day 5 Wednesday 23rd FebruaryLie in

  • Emergency proceduresThe trip has been organised through NST an experienced school travel company.A full risk assessment has been carried out.The tour price includes insurance. Details availableWe have a NST Rep on hand at all times and 24/7 emergency contact details with NST should anything ariseStudents will be fully briefed at each site to make them aware of the potential hazards.

  • Kit List...

  • Clothing and LuggageWe are going for 4 days!Use the Kit listOne luggage bagHand luggage Try to keep to an absolute minimum and obviously no sharps, weapons, pets or more than 100 ml of liquid. Check perfumes!!MobilesBills?Staff will have mobiles in case of an emergency

  • MoneyThe Italian currency is the Euro. The exchange rate is about 1 = I.17The tour covers breakfast and dinnerPacked breakfast for Heathrow?LunchesMoney will only be needed for:Snacks/Coffee/GelatoLunchGifts for teachers. I suggest between 50 and 75.Dont bring travellers cheques & there are ATMs

  • RulesIt is important that everyone enjoys their trip. It is even more important that everyone is safe. So, we need everyone to follow these simple rules:Any instruction given by a member of staff must be followed without question.When a member of staff is giving instructions all students must be silent immediately this is especially important at airports and in the field.There is no alcohol the good stuff is too expensive and the drinking culture is very differentNo smoking its like a school day!!!

  • Any questions?Hoodies

    To Chieasa dei GesuBeautiful ceiling frescosTo Piazza NavonaFor coffee and or gelato!!To PantheonBeautiful history!To S Ignatazio di LoyolaBeautiful ceiling frescosTo hotel free time till dinner i.e. unpacking etc.19:30 Dinner: Archi Romane Restaurant (3 course)

    *14:00Piazza Navona (Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi) to Piazza della Minerva (obelisk with elephant).Via Panthenon to Palazzo Montecitorio (house of Italian Parliment) and onto Column of Marcus Aurelius to Trevi Fountain (inspired by Berninis work example of influence)Go via Piazza del Quirinale to SantAndrea al Quirinale. (Let groups spend time in here as going to be compared with San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane). Move to San Carlo via wing of Palazzo del Quirinale.Photos at Quattro Fontane?From there up to Piazza Barberini (via Palazzo Barberini) to compare Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi and Fontana del Tritone (and Fontana delle Api).From there to Santa Maria della Vittoria & The Ecstacy of St, TeresaThere to hotel