We Are How We Are Found Changes Who We Are

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We Are How We Are Found Changes Who We Are


  • 1. How We Are Found Makes Us Who We Are* Life At The Cross Section Of Search Engines and Public Relations
  • 2. Agenda
    • The Content Explosion
    • Earned Media In The Age Of Conversation
    • SEO PR
      • Downy Case Study
      • SEO/SEM PR Best Practices
      • PureOlogy Case Study
  • 3. The Content Explosion- It Is No Longer Just The Geeks Talking Pure GeekTalk? Do Geeks Talk About Fabric Softener? You Can No Longer Refer To The Blogosphere As Them
  • 4. Just Who Are These Geeks Talking About Fabric Softener? Laundry detergent and fabric softener bottles come with a cap you're supposed to use to measure the amount of liquid you're adding to the wash, but the spout appears to be designed to simultaneously pour a small stream of Tide directly down the side of the bottle, or the front of your pants, or along the top of the washer (depending on where you began pouring). Who's the genius who came up with this? Help! I'm suffocating under all these dirty socks. I'm Heth, I'm 30, and I'm mom to seven kids and wife to Nate, my own personal tech support. I plead guilty to excessive and incorrect use of commas.
  • 5. Earned Media In The Age Of Conversation Things are not what they used to be!
  • 6. A New Breed Of Public Relations
    • Search Engines are conversations
    • Search Engines are reputation management engines
  • 7. SEO PR Case Study Downy- Fabric Softener Or Secret Killer?
  • 8. Search For Fabric Softener* *Search Performed on February 17, 2008
  • 9. Ah, Downy Freshness!
  • 10. Some Stats
    • Buyers view more search results (10) and take more time to view the results (11.4 seconds).*
    • Information searchers view less search results (8) and spend less time on a result (9.4 seconds). They pay more attention to contents than to brand names.
    Checkit Search Engine Media Bureau, 2007
  • 11. What The Prolific Searcher Finds Results Six Through Eights
  • 12. A Killer On The Loose! Camphor Causes CNS disorders. On EPA's Hazardous Waste list. Symptoms: "local irritant and CNS stimulant" ..."readily absorbed through body tissues" ..."irritation of eyes, nose, and throat" ..."dizziness, confusion, nausea, twitching muscles and convulsions". "Avoid inhalation of vapors. Linalool Narcotic. Causes CNS disorders. ..."respiratory disturbances" ..."Attracts bees." "In animal tests: ataxic gait, reduced spontaneous motor activity and depression ...depressed heart activity ...development of respiratory disturbances leading to death." Just Two Of The Many Culprits
  • 13. Can This Really Be True?
  • 14. Science Is Nothing But Perception -Plato There Is No Truth. There is Only Perception -Gustave Flaubert All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions. -Leonardo da Vinci
  • 15. This Is A Crisis! Where Is The Crisis Management?
  • 16. Search Engines Or Reputation Management Engines?
  • 17. SEO Basics For PR Professionals Yes, you need to know this stuff!
  • 18. What is SEO?
    • Search Engine Optimization
      • The process of increasing the amount of visitors to a Web site by naturally ranking high in the search results of a search engine.
      • SEO helps to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found by the search engine.
    • In a broad sense, SEO is marketing by understanding how search algorithms work and what human visitors might search for.
  • 19. Talk Like The Techies Do
  • 20. Title Tags and Meta Descriptions
  • 21. What Could Downy Do? SEO PR in Action
  • 22. Joining The Conversation Through Content (it is king you know)
  • 23. Social Media Press Release
  • 24. PureOlogy Vegan or Not?
  • 25. PureOlogy Safeguard your colour. Serious colour care. 100% Vegan. Not tested on animals.
  • 26. Vegan Or Not?
  • 27. The Conversation Begins
  • 28. Paid Search Can Help Join The Conversation
  • 29. Summary
    • The New Media Economy Requires New Communications Skills
      • Search Engines Are Everyones Business
    • Search Engines Are More Than Information Retrieval Engines
      • Search Engines Are Conversations
      • Search Engines Are Reputation Managers
    • Perception Is Reality
      • We Are How We Are Found