Virtual Worlds - A Future History

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A short presentation given at the Immersion 2011 event and building on the Delphi exercise run by Paul Hollins at the Open University's ReLive 11 ( to look at the future challenges of virtual worlds.


  • 1.Virtual Worlds A Future History David Burden Daden Limited

2. Who Are We?

  • Immersive learning and visualisation specialists
  • Founded 2004, but in virtual worlds since mid 1990s
  • Times Higher Education Winner 2009
  • US Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge winner 2010
  • Based in Birmingham UK

3. What We Do. Built Environment Visualisation,Consultation and Management Learning, Training and Education Virtual Characters Data Visualisation 4. A Virtual Future?

  • Trends & Issues developed from Delphi exercise at ReLive2011

201120132015202020252030 Short Term Medium Term Long Term 5. Short Term Seamless

  • Still too hard
  • Needs to be in browser
  • Needs desktop/audio/webcam/gesture integration
  • Users vs Creators(ives) vs Professionals
  • One World or Many Worlds
  • Directed or Discovered
  • Social Media Integration (not Domination)

6. What if Lively Had Lived? 7. What if Lively Had Lived? Worlds Worlds KS2 Asteroid Explorer An exploratory STEM environment for KS2 students to explore asteriods 8. Unity + VW Server 9. Short Term - Desirable

  • Learning Benefits for Educators
  • Business Benefits for Industry & Government
    • Cost Savings
    • Revenue Generation
  • Social Benefits for Consumers & Family
    • Entertaining, Engaging & Easy

10. Medium Term - Mobile 11. Medium Term - Unified InteroperabilityOuteroperabilityInfrastructureInterfaces defined between systems All systems share the same standards Core data held centrally and shared with each system Open Source vsOpen Standards 12. Long Term Radical Interfaces 13. Long Term Societal Change

  • How will real world development effect virtual worlds, eg cyber & influence?
  • How will virtual worlds effect the physical world?

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