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  • 1. * Val Lines

2. * Senior project manager responsible for the qualityassurance practice at Motorists Mutual Insurance Company* Over 25 years of IT experience, primarily in insurance and banking on mainframe systems* IT experience as a developer, tester, project manager,resource manager and now quality assurance practitioner* Contact Val * * 614.225.8626 ** 3. * Primarily mainframe applications for our production systems* Low personnel turnover * High reliance on subject matter experts for each application* QA position created in 2012 * No standardized testing practices in place 4. * Transformation to agile project methodology * Agile team members work on multiple projects and production support* QA functions are spread throughout the team & multiple locations * QA practices are based on tester experience* Test automation framework is nonexistent* Batch test cycles * Agile seminars, conferences, etc. all focus on testing with tools that arent readily available for the mainframe* Test data management in shared regions* 5. * Metrics * Rethinking mainframe development process into user stories that fit in a single, 2-week sprint * Usually not deployable at the end of one sprint * End-to-end system testing * Testing of date driven processes * Production deployment activities are time consuming * Rally vs. ALM/Quality Center * Rally does a great job with user stories, sprints, etc. * ALM/Quality center does a great job with traceability, automated testing integration with QTP* 6. * 7. * Business and IT management are committed to agile * Management exception is needed to run a waterfall project* Agile coach conducts scrum training for all agile team members (includes product owner)* Product owners are very involved in the daily scrum and project activities* Agile community of practice * Plan Do Check Adjust* 8. * 9. * 10. * 11. * 12. * Focus on basic regression scripts to build an automated testing script library* Can also be used to expedite data entry testing * Establishing procedures so Operations can execute* Established an agile project to give the team time and priority to work on the scripts* Started an automation community of practice that meets monthly to discuss what we are learning* Members are all using QTP for scripting mainframe, object oriented, vendor package applications* 13. * Scheduler to run the test batch cycle * Controlled by one parameter card for all integrated systems * All test jobs follow the same naming conventions * Created a user ID that runs the jobs that does not have access to production files* Training on how to run a batch test cycle is easier* Job output is stored the same way our production job output is stored* PDF generator to create pdf output from mainframe jobs * Challenge test planners to be as efficient as possible with the cycles that are needed* 14. * 15. * Five test regions to be kept up to date * Created a series of jobs that copy executable code from the production region to the test regions* Developers can update a parameter to prevent overlaying work in progress* No source code is overlaid* Automated the schedule to execute this process weekly, after hours* Projects are scheduled into specific regions * Test data management is a very manual process* 16. * 17. * 18. * 19. * Challenge team to break down stories * In some cases the stories have been moved from onesprint to the next or broken down into part 1 and part 2 when it became evident it was too big * Better approach is to break out what can be done on a story in a sprint and make multiple stories* Acceptance criteria may involve having another developer review the interim deliverables* Grooming involves all involved parties to get a better sizing estimate * Pair programming * Plan Do Check Adjust* 20. * 21. * Front load as much testing as possible in each sprint* Acceptance testing for stories is thorough* Each test cycle is a user story and movesthrough any date driven processes that are required* With good user story acceptance testingalready done, the end-to-end testing moves a little faster before the release* 22. * 23. * 24. * 25. * ALM/QC is fully baked for test management * Traceability * Integration with QTP * Metrics* Rally is fully baked for user story management and improving on the testing functions* Traceability isnt intuitive * No integration with QTP * Testing metrics* 26. Contact Info: 614.225.8626