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Consultative Selling for Employment Consultants Building job development excellence for increased employment opportunities. Val Morgan (360) 201-1639. Purpose. Sales and Business The Buying Process/Business Needs Referrals/Action Plan Pre-Call Planning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Presentation

Consultative Selling for Employment ConsultantsBuilding job development excellence for increased employment opportunities

Val (360) 201-16391PurposeSales and Business The Buying Process/Business NeedsReferrals/Action PlanPre-Call Planning9 Consultative Steps for Job Development

2Four Key Job Responsibilities

Locate and Sell EmployersService and Upsell Existing EmployersDevelop AdvocatesManage Your Time and Territory


4The FactsOnly 2% of sales are made on the first visit44% give up after the first visit80% of sales are made between the 6th and 12th connection

5 What is the most powerful selling tool?Referrals

50% - 500% higher rate of closing with referral

6How to Ask for ReferralsWhen an employer is complementaryLet new employers know you prize referralsUse LinkedIn

Action Step

7Referral Action Plan

ACTION/REFERRALBUSINESS NAMETalk with your hairdresser/ My CousinCuts PlusTalk with Rick Current Employer/GMHeath TechNet

List 10 specific actions that you will take to build your referral business. 8The Buying ProcessAwareness of a particular needInterest in satisfying the needPreference for one service over another Trial use of the serviceCommitment to use the serviceAdvocacy recommends the service to others


Three Situations of Need

Dissatisfaction with the current situation

Opportunity to improve the current situation

Perceived deterioration of current situation

10Common Needs of Employers

Reliable employeesCommunity involvementPre-screened employeesPre-recruited job matchEmployee retentionFlexible work forceClean place of businessMore customers/salesMotivated employeesCustomer retentionRecognitionLess time spent trainingLess stress

Happy employeesGood atmosphereReduce expensesMore efficiencyCost/benefitsGood employee team workCompleted tasks from employeesQuality workersPart-time employeesDiverse work forceSafety

1112Identify The Suspect Conduct Research/Gather informationSet an Objective*Primary(Your goal for the call?)*Secondary(The minimum you want to achieve?)



Greeting (introduce yourself)Get Attention (build rapport)Create Interest Ask for time

16Transition StatementThank you for taking the time to meet with me.I would like to ask you some questions to gain a better understanding of your business and Ill be taking notes, is that okay?

ListeningSpeakingReadingWritingLearned1st2nd3rd4thUsed45% of the time30% of the time19% of the time6% of the timeTaughtLeastSlightly LeastSomewhat moreMost

The most necessary communication skill is the skill least taught

Remember: SELLING IS NOT TELLING 80% listening 20% talking 18Ask closed ended questionsAsk open ended questionsAsk layering questions

19Would you consider your workforce diversified? How much time do you spend on entry-level training? In your business, do you feel that some of your staff carries workloads other than their job responsibilities they were originally hired for?What are the top three things you value in your employees?Are you the ultimate decision maker?Can you tell me about your employee retention rate?Did you know that 87% of the public agree that they prefer to give their business to companies that hire people with disabilities?

Gather Information20Transition Statement(whats happening next)

Based on what weve talked about so far, Im confident my ideas will be good for your business, I would like to go back and draw up a proposal for you.

21Establishing Needs & ParaphrasingRestate the needs and gain agreement