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  • 1. VERSION 8.2 Optimizing Business Process Confidential

2. Confidential Industry Recognition and Strategic Partnerships About esnatech

  • Trusted Technology and Recognized Leader
    • Global provider of unified communications and Collaboration solutions that integrate withany and all
      • communications networks
      • hosted or installed e-mail platforms
      • cloud or on-premise applications
  • Proven Solution for SMB and Enterprise
    • Over 1 million users, in 10,000 customers installed in 20 countries
    • Deep expertisein voice and data integration, collaboration and productivity solutions
  • Strong Management Team
    • Founded in 1989
    • Headquartered in Toronto, Canada with 47 employees

3. Recent Awards and Industry Recognition Corporate Background

  • Esnatech is an industry leader inSIP basedunified communications solutions that integrates with
    • anyvoice network
    • anyhostedoron premiseemail platform and
    • anyon premiseorCloud based business applications.
  • It is focused on simple scalable and seamless platforms that offer richpresence ,mobilityandunified messagingsolutions to any size business customer

4. Esnatech Business value Flatten and consolidate voiceapplication investment with UC&C application platform Simplify licensing with one app license covering voice, CTI, mobility, presence, IVR, speech etc. Extend valueof yourcurrent investmentsby leveraging existing- phone network, mobile network and business applications Enable accessto cloud based solution with application layer that integrates public cloud with enterprise infrastructure Voice integrationwith public cloud platforms. Enables embedded voice services with any web framework and public cloud platform. Integrated carrier services with public cloud platform 5. Esnatech Marquee Customers 6.

  • Adoption of Cloudapplications
    • Cloud e-mail and groupware adoption growing at a fast pace Googlein the lead
    • By 2012, 180M business e-mail users will use a cloud or hosted solution; growing to 1.3B users in 2020
  • Improve communications and productivity
    • Integrate and driveproductivityfor mobile anddistributed workforce
    • Ubiquitousaccess to informationfrom any device, at any time
    • Communications options continue to proliferate email, voice, social media, & video
  • Businesses have millions of users that needa cost effective upgrade
    • 95% of Enterprises and SMBs rely on premise based systems
    • Need to upgrade while simultaneouslyleveragingtheirinfrastructureOR find a way to move tocloud-basedsolutions faster
    • Mergers and acquisitions in customers and vendors means a mixed environment

Confidential Market Driven by Economics Improve Productivity with Limited Resources 7. Driving cloud adoptionHybrid enterprise! 8. Mobility and Document Management Services Integrated email to fax for Google GMAIL/Zimbra & MS BPOS/365 Document management with Google Docs Mobile web portal for smart-phones Cloud faxing for iPhoneNew Windows Mobile 7 UC Mobile Federated Presence with Shortel and Avaya IPoffice Version 8.2 9. Enhance Voice/Presence Integration

  • Voice (SIP) Validated (new with 8.2)
    • Avaya IP Office 500 6.1 and 7.0 (SIP Trunking and TAPI CTI)
    • ShoreTel ShoreGear platform (SIP Trunking and TAPI CTI) 11.1
    • Nortel CS1000 (v7.5)
  • Rich Presence (CTI) Validated
    • Avaya IP Office 500 6.1 and 7.0 (SIP Trunking and TAPI CTI)
    • ShoreTel ShoreGear platform (SIP Trunking and TAPI CTI) 11.1

Confidential 10. Mobile Content

  • Mobile Web Client
    • Office-LinX user portal optimized for mobile browsers
    • Enables configuration of user settings, locations, update on fax job status, and more from a mobile device browser
  • UC Mobile for Windows Phone 7
    • UC mobile client for the new mobile platform, available on the Windows Phone Marketplace
    • Utilizes dynamic web services to connect to Office-LinX server
  • UC Mobile Faxing
    • Support UC integrated faxing from mobile device, fax e-mail attachments or other files managed through local file managers
    • Apple iOS 4 only (iPhone and iPad) supported at release

Confidential 11. Google Docs Integration

  • Fax and Voice Messaging Integration with Network and Cloud folders
    • Support for moving message content and attachments (fax and voice) toUNC file path(local disk or network) and cloud basedGoogle Docsfolders
    • Configured on aper-userbasis
    • Designed to accommodate and assist Communication Enabled Business Processes (CEBP) and business workflows with onpremiseandCloudinfrastructure

Confidential 12. Additional Functionality

  • E-mail to Fax for Google Gmail/Zimbra/BPOS
    • Improved security fore-mail to fax : secure-signed e-mail support, confirmation messages, and improved fax job status reporting to end user
  • Web Tutorial
    • Addition of simplified web tutorial fornew users
    • Allows simple configuration of a location profile for end users (addition of numbers and location scheduling)

13. Learn Follow us at Unifiedcommunications uc4googleapps esnatech [email_address] Ucommunicate