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Nanoantenna systems

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  • 1. Bhupendra Subedi University of Missouri Kansas City Kansas City, MO 64111

2. Antenna: converts radiation energy to localized energy and vice versa analogous to phenomena in the surface of the metallic nanostructures (optical frequency) called Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR). So any plasmonic nanostructures can be considered as nanoantennas (not very rigid) 3. [1] Javier Aizpurua, "Quantum kisses between optical nanoantennas, mappingignorance (2013).Wave strikes metal nanostructures, energy is transferred to electrons and resonance occurs when mom. of photons = mom of polaritons 4. y = (r, , ), scalar _ potential2E01xE1 = 1and 1 = 0 2E2 = 2 and 2 = 0 2We need to solve Laplace Equation 5. Electric Field in x direction is given by: 0 = E0 x = E0 rcos , and 2 = scatter + 0 6. 1 2 3 cos Applied _ Field = E0 a 1 + 22 r2 y 2dipolep cos = = E0 r cos 2 42 rE01Shows: Field outside = Field due to dipole + Applied_Fieldx 7. #Areas of ApplicationApplication and devices1.Nanophotonicsdetectors, filters and lasers eg. maskless optical lithography, NSOM2.Plasmonic Solar Cellsrectennas using ALD technology3.Metamaterialsoptical/EM sheilding and invisibility cloaks4.Chemical and bio/medical sensing and optical devicessuper lenses for medical sensing, medical cancer treatment; gases and radiation sensors5.On-Chip Interconnecton-chip nanoantennas.So nanoantennas cover wide spectrum of applications 8. Conventional AntennasNanoantennasFed by real current, EM resonance causes wavesFed by localized current, Surface Plasmon Polaritons causes wavesDemands classical treatmentDemands QM treatmentDissipated power related to voltage and currentDissipated power related to Greens function tensor and Local density of state (LDOS)Need for different infrastructures such as modeling software and fabrication engineering 9. Long lifetime of exiton polariton causes recombination P 0I2 = 3 l 0Large ohmic losses and relative finite skin depth decreasing efficiency and unfocussed radiation patternNeed for optimized antenna element and skin depth 10. Tcold = 1 Thot Simple idea: Recycling of the wasted heat from the cold sink 11. Hotter Sink gets more hotterIncreases efficiencyColder Sink gets more colder 12. 1. Absorbing antenna as close to Cold sink as possible Say wave distance =>short-circuit (unbalanced Voltage condition)Solution: Coupling capacitance 13. Tuned capacitive Coupling Improves power Radiation by 100 folds Coupling Capacitance, A. Boswell, amasciAvoids short-circuit; ehhances absorption 14. Nano-rectifiers Not easy to channel heat radiations These waves are vibrating in infra red or even THz frequency that todays commercial rectifiers cant handle Nano-rectifiers 100-1,000 X smaller rectifiers needed 15. P 0I2 = 3 l 0 16. Graphene based absorbing antennaFabry Perot Resonance Chamber (LSPR)[Stamatios A. Et. Al] Can be tuned to absorb certain wavelength 17. P 0I2 = 3 l 0[16] Maciej Klemm. "novel directional nanoantennas for single-emitter sources and wireless nano-links". International Journal of Optics, 2012(2012), 2012. 18. Basically an idea, I would do Modelling, FEKO Simulation, Implementation and what not.P 0 [1] Circuit implementationI2 = 3 l 0[2] efficiency improvement [3] good absorbing and radiating elements/ improvisation 19. [1] Javier Aizpurua, "Quantum kisses between optical nanoantennas, mappingignorance (2013). [2] Javier Aizpurua, Lecture given at SSOP Porquerolles, Sept. I2 l 2009 P = 0 [3] Maciej Klemm. "novel directional nanoantennas for single03emitter sources and wireless nano-links". International Journal of Optics, 2012(2012), 2012 [4] A. Boswell, amasciThank you 20.

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