IT Sales Strategy: 5 Twitter Tips that Attract Great Customers (Slides)

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DESCRIPTION SUMMARY SLIDES: Getting your B2B Twitter strategy right is vital. Here are 5 steps you can take to get Twitter incorporated into your overall IT sales strategy. Copyright (C) SP Home Run Inc.

Text of IT Sales Strategy: 5 Twitter Tips that Attract Great Customers (Slides)

  • 1. IT Sales Strategy: 5 Twitter Tips thatAttract Great CustomersCourtesy of theSmall Business Computer Consulting Bloghttp://blog.sphomerun.comSource: iStockphoto

2. Sponsored by What Can You Do With Twitter to Find Followers and Convert Them into Paying Customers? 3. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.com1. Manage Whom You Follow on Twitter 4. Sponsored by Use the SearchFacility to FindPeople toConnect With 5. Sponsored by Seed YourTwitter AccountWith People WhoAre Relevant 6. Sponsored by Concentrate on aTargeted CoreAudience & LetYour FollowingGrow Naturally 7. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.com2. Manage Your Twitter Account by Using Lists 8. Sponsored by Categorize thePeople YouFollow, andThose WhoFollow You 9. Sponsored by Make Sure ThatYou Make ThisType of ListPrivate 10. Sponsored by Have Public ListsSo that PeopleCan See WhomYou AreFollowing & Why 11. Sponsored by You May Want toTake a Look atListorious 12. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.com3. Engage With Your Followers and the Community 13. Sponsored by Your PotentialClients 14. Sponsored by Competitors 15. Sponsored by Peers 16. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.com4. Research Your Competitors and Prospects 17. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comGain Insights intoYour CompetitorsStrategies and theReception in theMarketplace 18. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.com5. Use Hashtags on Twitter 19. Sponsored by Share QualityContent WithThem 20. Sponsored by Add the RelevantHashtags Withthe Link andComment 21. Sponsored by Find ContentCurators Publishvia services,! 22. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comThe Bottom Line 23. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comYou Can DirectlyImpact theOutcome of SalesCalls by BeingBetter Prepared 24. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comAnd HavingDeeper InsightsInto YourProspects andMarketplace 25. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comTwitter is Also Oneof the Best Placesto Get Real TimeInformation About 26. Sponsored by YourCompetitors 27. Sponsored by Their CurrentOffering 28. Sponsored by and TheirPosition in theMarketplace 29. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comDo You HaveExperience UsingTwitter as Part ofYour IT SalesStrategy? 30. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comOr Are YouThinking About it? 31. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comShare YourExperiences,Questions, andConcerns in theComments Section 32. SPHomeRun.comRecommended Reading:Seven IT Sales SecretsDownload thisFree Special Report Now atITSalesSecrets.comCopyright SP Home Run Inc. All worldwide rights reserved.SP Home Run is a registered trademark of SP Home Run Inc.Source: iStockphoto