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Text of Instagram

  • Lets filter (excuse the pun) through those boring Terms and Conditions!
  • Instagram, according to iTunes, is used and loved by over 150 million people worldwide! This image sharing social media phenomenon has captured the creativity and photographic passions of so many people. (Source:
  • What must be asked, however, is: how many of these 150 million users have actually read and understood the Instagram Terms and Conditions? Whats more: how many users have read the T&Cs since their major overhaul on January 19, 2013?
  • Therefore, in the hopes of simplifying Instagrams Terms and Conditions of use significantly, lets cut through the mumbo jumbo and walk through the points that Instagram are trying to get across to their millions of users The following information was created from a subjective viewpoint using the information contained within Instagrams official Terms and Conditions at
  • The first section within Instagrams Terms and Conditions of use outlines briefly and succinctly what cannot be done using the platform
  • Some are quite simple and mostly involve basic common sense and courtesy
  • For all you pre-teens and kids out there, youll just have to wait until youre at least 13 to use Instagram! When using the Service, keep your clothes on, dont get angry and dont be mean to anybody else! Take responsibility for what you, or other people, post using your account! What happens on your account is entirely your responsibility, so be careful what you do and make sure any uploaded content is lawfully acceptable! Be careful with your login details and dont lose your password! Keep the niceties coming and avoid any mean or rude behaviour! Putting other people down or defaming them on Instagram will get you into serious trouble.
  • But others are a bit more complicated
  • Make sure you check your local legislation and regulations as well before jumping on Instagram, as youre bound by those conditions too! If youre using the web for other means, make sure you dont imply that your own web presence is associated with Instagram! They wont like you stealing their glory! Instagram wont allow you to use their Service or brand in any way to drive your own economic profits, unless they have given express permission! Dont put web addresses in your name without permission from Instagram! Dont create your Instagram account using and online robot or scripting service. Make sure you register yourself manually!
  • But what happens if I ignore these Basic Terms and do what I want on Instagram? Surely I cant get into that much trouble?
  • According to Instagrams final Basic Term: Violation of these Terms of Use may, in Instagram's sole discretion, result in termination of your Instagram account. You understand and agree that Instagram cannot and will not be responsible for the Content posted on the Service and you use the Service at your own risk. If you violate the letter or spirit of these Terms of Use, or otherwise create risk or possible legal exposure for Instagram, we can stop providing all or part of the Service to you. (Source: Basic Terms, pt. 17 - So basically, yes, you can get into a lot of trouble if you do the wrong thing! Anything from account termination to courtroom sentencing!
  • Next on Instragrams list of Terms and Conditions is the General Conditions sections. Here we see exactly what Instagram can and cant do with their users content.
  • Again, some of these conditions are relatively straightforward and comprehensible
  • Instagram can kick you off the site and suspend your account whenever they please! When an account is terminated, any user rights and licenses also cease. Instagram can change their T&Cs whenever they like, which will come into effect immediately. They can refuse any person access to the site at any time, or can force them to forfeit their chosen username for any reason. Any content posted on Instagram can be blocked, removed, deleted or monitored by the site administrators as they please! Instagram administrators and owners take no responsibility for the behaviors and actions of the sites users!
  • However, there are a few conditions that are only comprehensible if users are both lawyers and IT professionals at the same time! The points in summary translate as
  • Dont use Instagram for business or economic gain without permission! Any data shared on the Service may caused personal information to be shared publicly. Any data charges incurred from using the site are the users responsibility. Instagram wont be paying your bills for you! Dont access Instagram using automated searching or crawling means any use of the Service must be manually undertaken and not using a computer robot!
  • The Rights section contained within Instagrams Terms and Conditions of use document essentially details exactly what Instagram users and administrators have to right to use the site to do
  • Instagram can use the images you post on the site however they wish, but they do not own the images. Instagram can advertise third party materials on the site. Instagrams logos and trademarked or registered content cannot be reused by others unless permitted by the site administrators! The site administrators have the right to interrupt the Service at any time and are not liable for any subsequent inconvenience or loss caused to users.
  • Here, Instagram add brief points relating to copyright of online materials
  • Essentially, if you repeatedly infringe copyright laws using Instagram, your account will be disabled. Instagram also provide a facility that allows users to report copyright infringements of their own content, which can be accessed at /articles/270501
  • These sections of the T&Cs covers much of the same ground as the previous sections, such as
  • Instagram are not liable for any service faults or system issues that affect users, nor are they liable for any illegal or defamatory material posted on the site. The Service is used at the risk and responsibility of the user. Accessing the Service is presumably done so lawfully and any illegal behaviour is at the liability of the user.
  • This section is quite simple: any claim that users have arising from their relationship with Instagram must be made within one year. Otherwise, the claim is permanently barred.
  • This section states that any legal claim made against Instagram must be done so in the state of California, USA. The claimant must also submit to the local laws of Santa Clara (the home of Instagram in California). So, if you want to sue Instagram, youd better be prepare to travel! (Unless, of course, you live in Santa Clara)
  • The final section of Instagrams T&Cs essentially states that local laws apply to an individuals use of Instagram. In turn, if Instagram believe that use of the Service in any given jurisdiction may result in legal burdens upon the company, they reserve the right to refuse access in those areas.
  • So, there you have it. As weve seen, Instagram not only have quite a significant of power over our use of their Service, but also have a surprising amount of liberty when it comes to use of uploaded content.
  • Its clear that getting to know these Terms and Conditions before using Instagram next may save yourself a lot of inconvenience down the track! Happy snapping!
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