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An insight in an awesome Photo Social community with over 15 million users as per 2011.

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  • 1. InstagramInsights in a Photo communityUrs SteinerJanuary 24th,

2. Content Facts & Figures Fascination Instagram Instagram in the WorldWideWeb The picture. My main principles Apps Apps Apps. A link-collection Foto Communities. What else is there? Instagram Basics & Tips 3. Facts & Figures 1 million: The number of accounts on Jan 1, 2011. 15 million (and counting): The number of accountson Jan 1, 2012. 3: The average number of photos uploaded per second,one year ago. 60: The average number of photos uploaded per second,today. 400 million: The total number of photos shared onInstagram so far. 62600+: The most likes on a single photo. 4. Faszination InstagramDie Details: 5. How to behaveon Instagram Do not copy or steal other pics Dont be rude Re-posts are allowed, but dont forget tomention the original .. be nice be polite 6. The picture.My basic principles "the golden ratio" ... is on important principles of how to place objects in your picture .. (red dots: these are the main attraction points in your picture) 7. The picture.My basic principles The "horizon" ... of the pic should be above or below the middle to create a good effect. 8. The picture.My basic principlesCapture andcomposition of theimage ...... decides wheter apicture will besuccessful or not. 9. The picture.My basic principlesA guide: 10. Apps 11. Apps 12. Apps 13. Original vs. Endresult 14. sigh..nobody knows me..Either:.. I dont care, I am just posting my pics for myown pleasure ..If not:there are two possibilities to make yourselfheard: like other users pics, comment and engagein the community Add #-Tags to your pics (max.30) 15. Foto CommunitiesWhat else is there? Flickr 500px.comTheres a post (in German) on the followingwebsite about these 3 communities: 16. Instagram BasicsInstagram BlogThe people from "thebeginnerslens" havecreated a detailed users guide for Instagram: further Tips and hints check out Instagramsown blog: