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From badass grad to worldclass exec

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From Badass Grad to Kickass Executive

Emily BenningtonAuthor, Effective Immediately


Superstar Execs Get The Game Has Shifted.

Up to this point your success has mostly been about you.

Not anymore.

Your individual contributions are now about 1/3 of your overall success.

My first performance reviewWhat impression are you making right now?

You earn trust by owning your choice in each moment.

even if you dont like it.

The same skills that keep you alive in the water keep you alive in business.

Why do we react emotionally anyway?

P.S. Men and women are hardwired differently.

Building your reputationDo people work with you because they are compliant or compelled?

People have to trust the PERSON before they trust the MESSAGE.

Every choice you make says something about you.What choices are you making right now?


Superstar Execs Know TheirUnique Value.

Brand Power: Businesses Get It

What is YOUR Brand?

How you see yourself How others see you (self-impression) (perception) Source: Dan Schawbel, Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success

If youre not clear on the value youre bringing, maybe youre not bringing much value.

Meet Jacqueline Lipman.

Jackie had a great mentor who did a little branding exercise with her. For starters, he asked Jackie to think about what was most important to her and this was a very broad list a very BIG funnel at first. So you can see here some of things you might consider if you were going through the same exercise.

Then, Jackie and her mentor narrowed down her list to

Integrity Achievement Effectiveness and developed these three key words.

What are your key words?

Why does this matter?


Superstar ExecsWork In The Right Quadrant.

1234567Contribution Months After Entry Source: Michael Watkins, Your First 90 Days ** Source: The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels by Michael Watkins When will you break even?

Competency Visibility Highly visible, but not competent Highly competent, but not visible Not competent or visible Highly competent and visible How have I moved the needle today?

First Six Months: Mind Your -Ilities Punctuality Likability Accountability DependabilityResponsibility Humility


More E-communication = Less EQ

Friday Updates are GREAT credibility builders.

Know your companys scorecard.

Bottom line:You wont be trusted with big things until you get the little things right.

Career PULL versus career push.[email protected]

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