Facebook Strategies for Synagogues

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Lisa Colton presentation to NEw York area congregations, funded by UJA Federation of New York, Nov 18, 2010

Text of Facebook Strategies for Synagogues

  • 1.Strategies Presented by Lisa Colton, Founder & President, Darim Online

2. COMMUNICATIONS REVOLUTION 3. COMMUNICATIONS REVOLUTION 4. P.O.S.T. People: Who is your audience? Objectives: What are your goals? Marketing/outreach (to whom?) Strengthening community Strengthening ties to the organization Education Shifting culture Strategy: How will you achieve the objectives? Technology: Is Facebook a good tool? How will you use it? 5. THIS IS AN ATTENTION ECONOMY 6. Earn Trust & Attention Be a Socialite, Not a Broadcaster Listen and Engage Have Personality Add Value 7. Put Down the Bull Horn. 8. Can You Hear It? Temple Israel, Memphis Facebook Page 9. Ask a Question! 10. Listen & Engage Temple Israel, Memphis Facebook Page 11. Open Your Ears Temple Sinai, Oakland, CA 12. FIND YOUR VOICE - BE A PERSON WITH A PERSONALITY! 13. ADD VALUE & BE GENEROUS 14. Know your audience to know whats valuable to them. 15. Adopt a 1:12 ratio: Every 1 time you self promote, add value 12 times. Try it! 16. BE A PLATFORM FOR SHARED GOALS Congregation in Santa Barbara during fires that forced evacuations 17. NEW GROUPS http://mashable.com/2010/10/06/facebook-groups-2/ 18. NEW GROUPS http://on.fb.me/netnonbookclub 19. STAFFING: Regularity Listening Social Personal OK to be the Accidental Techie 20. People Objectives Strategy Technology