Building Android, iOS and Windows 8 Apps with Windows Azure Mobile Services

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2. What is Mobile Services? 3. Structured Storage Powered by SQL Database Same DB Multiple Mobile Services Data management in Windows Azure Portal SQL Portal SQL Management Studio REST API CLI Tools 4. The REST API* ActionHTTP VerbURL SuffixCreatePOST/TodoItemReadGET/TodoItem?$filter=id%3D42UpdatePATCH/TodoItem/idDeleteDELETE/TodoItem/id 5. JSON to SQL Type Mappings JSON ValueT-SQL TypeNumeric values (integer, decimal, floating point) Boolean DateTime StringFloat(53) Bit DateTimeOffset(3) Nvarchar(max) 6. Server Side Scripts Customizing logic on the server 7. Node Modules Extensibility through numerous included modules 8. Push Notifications 9. Data Authorization Per HTTP method authorization options: 400 / Unauthorized response if a call doesnt pass 10. User Auth Flow (server)GOOGLE FACEBOOKDEVICETWITTER MICROSOFTMOBILE SERVICE 11. User Auth Flow (client)GOOGLE FACEBOOKDEVICETWITTER MICROSOFTMOBILE SERVICE 12. The User object User.level User.userId User.getIdentities() 13. Command Line Tools Scriptable control from PowerShell / Bash 14. Using the Scheduler Execute scripts on a schedule Execute scripts on demand Frequency and length of execution based off of service level Ideal for backend data processing 15. Custom API Non-table based scripts Accessible from Get Post Put Patch DeleteSame permissions as tables 16. Script Source Control Handled through GIT repo Access to table, scheduler, custom API, shared scripts, and permissions Shared Scripts Make scripts accessible from other scripts Just like creating Node.js modules NPM Ability to use npm install module to download NPM modules 17. Diagnostics, Logging, Scale 18. Service Scale Free 500K API calls per subscription per monthStandard 1.5M API calls per unit per monthPremium 15M API calls per unit per month 19. Mobile Services Tiers Free Usage Restrictions API Calls Scale Scheduled JobsSQL Database (required)StandardPremiumUp to 10 services, Up to 500 Active Devices*N/AN/A500K (per subscription)1.5M (per unit)15M (per unit)N/AUp to 6 Standard unitsUp to 10 Enterprise unitsLimitedIncludedIncluded20MB Included, Standard rates apply for more capacity20MB Included, Standard rates apply for more capacity20MB Included, Standard rates apply for more capacityGeneral Availability 99.9% 20. Windows Azure Mobile Services 21. Resources Get a Windows Azure Free Trial Account Videos, Tutorials, and More Source code on GitHub Contact Details Feature Requests