Intro to Windows Azure Mobile Services with iOS

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The slide is presented on my sharing to HackerSpace Share, an event organised by HackerSpace Bandung to enrich the knowledge of the members. HackerSpace Bandung is a co-working space for creative freelancers and entrepreneurs (developers, designers, bloggers, etc) in Bandung.


<ul><li> 1. intro to Azure Mobile Services with iOS</li></ul> <p> 2. andri yadiCEO of DyCodeMicrosoft Most ValuableProfessional (MVP)Nokia DeveloperChampion 3. Mobile Servicesa cloud-based backendservice 4. Mobile Services 5. choose your frontendplatformswindows windowsiOS android store phone 6. today lets focus on data 7. before you start...if you dont see the menu, you shouldopt-in for Preview. its free for now :) 8. mobile service created 9. get started - create a new iOS app 10. get started - create a new iOS app 11. if you create a TodoItem table, its here 12. download the code, open and run the project 13. Demo 14. Server-side scriptingyou can customize the service behavior via server-side scripting 15. lets say you want to avoid duplicated tasks enteredclick TodoItem table click SCRIPT and choose OPERATION Insert. put this code response 16. when you enter duplicated task on iOS app, youll get... 17. examine the logs 18. Demo 19. Q&amp;A 20. DyCode @andri_yadi </p>