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The Best iPad Apps Available

Best iPad apps

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The Best iPad Apps Available

Amazons digital book storefront is a better alternative to Apples iBooks. Unlike iBooks, which are only accessible on Apple-made devices, Kindle books can be read from just about any smartphone, PC or tablet.Kindle

There are countless cloud storage solutions available to iPad owners. Box sets itself apart from the rest by offering an enormous amount of free storage. Now through February 14, iPad owners that download Box get 50 GB free.Box

Googles browser is a great alternative to Apples Safari. In addition to making it easier to search with Google, Chrome has superior support for voice dictation and syncs across all devices.Google Chrome

The premiere news reading app, Flipboard makes it easy to browse headlines and stories from all your favorite online publications. Its magazine UI is built for touch -- users swipe through stories.Flipboard

iPad owners that use their tablet for picture taking should consider purchasing Camera+. It improves on the iPads standard camera software by adding a number of features that make taking and editing high-quality photographs possible.Camera+

Struggling with an overflowing e-mail inbox? Mailbox may be the app for you. Its basic premise is to encourage users to do something with every email they receive archive, delete, respond or save for later. Mailbox was designed with touch in mind.Mailbox

Paper is the app for artists. Using a stylus or your finger, you can sketch, draw or paint images with Papers many virtual tools. The basic version is free, but more advanced features must be purchased from within the app.Paper

There literally thousands of different games for the iPad, but the original Plants vs Zombies stands head and shoulders above the rest. This tower defense game appeals both to casual gamers and hardcore players alike.Plants vs Zombies

Skype supports text messaging, audio calls and video conferencing. Unlike Apples FaceTime, which is only accessible on Apple-made hardware, Skype lets you contact users with Android and Windows devices.Skype

Apple includes iTunes for purchasing songs, and iTunes Radio for listening to free music, but Spotify offers something different. For about $10 per month, Spotify subscribers get access to a catalog of millions of songs they can stream on demand.Spotify

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