iPhone and iPad apps Apps shipped with devices Apps we use Apps for the Future

iPhone and iPad apps

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iPhone and iPad apps. Apps shipped with devices Apps we use Apps for the Future. Appy Hour: Summary Sheet. Visual Learners…Please take a photo. Calculator. iBooks. MyScriptCalculator. iTrail :GPS tracking. Timer. Simple Mind: MindMapTool. GoSkyWatch. Airplay. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 1: iPhone and iPad apps

iPhone and iPad apps

Apps shipped with devices

Apps we use

Apps for the Future

Page 2: iPhone and iPad apps

Still and Video Camera

Appy Hour: Summary Sheet






iTrail :GPS tracking




Simple Mind: MindMapTool

Aurasma: Augmented Reality

Visual Learners…Please take a photo

Page 3: iPhone and iPad apps

iPhone and iPod Handy teaching tool Turn sideways for a

full scientific calculator

CalculatorApps shipped with devices

Page 4: iPhone and iPad apps


Versatile….. “Capture” flaura and

fauna Writing ideas Identify species Data recording: Communication tool Share & Celebrate


Apps shipped with devices

Page 5: iPhone and iPad apps

Some Camera uses

Apps shipped with devices

Page 6: iPhone and iPad apps

Kids take note of moving pictures!

Video: record or playback

Apps shipped with devices

Page 7: iPhone and iPad apps

Built into Clock app

Handy management tool

TimerApps shipped with devices

Page 8: iPhone and iPad apps

Use apple TV or another computer to display iPad screen/camera

Shipped with iOS 6 and iOS7

AirplayApps shipped with devices

Page 9: iPhone and iPad apps

Supplied with iPhone

Displays GPS co-ordinates for navigation/emergency

CompassApps shipped with devices

Page 10: iPhone and iPad apps

Allows multi sensory learning as students explore grounds and interact with book and centre grounds

video, photo galleries, sounds, self checking questions

Scan QR codes for information Needs a Mac to write the books

iBooksApps we use

Page 11: iPhone and iPad apps

GPS tracking app. Stand alone or use

with Google Earth Tool for debriefing

expeditions and navigation

2D, 3D and animation

iTRAILApps we use

Page 12: iPhone and iPad apps

iTrail data on Google EarthApps we use

Page 13: iPhone and iPad apps

Has been used at TEEC by a range of people from year 5’s through to professional astronomers

Identify major/minor celestial objects

Pinpointing locations for events such as 2012 Eclipse and 2013 annular eclipse

Go Sky WatchApps we use

Page 14: iPhone and iPad apps

Can be linked to text message without internet access

Can link to web address

Can link to web video

Kids enjoy “unlocking the message” (engagement)

ScanApps we use

Page 15: iPhone and iPad apps

Used by Astronomy and Astrophysics students

Recommended for basic scientific functions such as trigonometry and complex division

My Script CalculatorApps we use

Page 16: iPhone and iPad apps

SimpleMind Idea Sketch iCardSort

Simple Mind+ Mindmapping

Apps we use

Page 17: iPhone and iPad apps

Jasmyn’s Writing Plans


Apps we use

Page 18: iPhone and iPad apps

Content can literally jump off the wall at students.

Aurasma : Augmented Reality

Apps for the Future

Page 19: iPhone and iPad apps

Currently being used by CSIRO for Rainforest applications, Invertebrate study and for Astronomy

New way of communicating : Still coming to terms with how to enhance learning…

Working on models for our centre. (December update…CSIRO assisting with trial)

3D ModellingApps for the Future

Page 20: iPhone and iPad apps

Administering iPads.................................Lion+ and Configurator

Maintenance Issues:ChargingVolume Purchasing ProgramImages or buildsDeleting Pictures and other student work