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APPLE VISION 2015 Harriet Carter EDT 6005 Wilmington University

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At-Risk Youth and the Social-Media

APPLE VISION2015Harriet CarterEDT 6005 Wilmington University

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APPLE VISION 2015Project Scope

Upgrade an existing computer lab at Newark HS prior to SY 2014-2015.

30 new Apple computers and workstations, 1 instructor workstation, 1 Whiteboard, 1 network printer, WIFI access, firewall (security for limited social media access), connection to existing school district and DE statewide servers.

Lab will be upgraded to allow student training and navigation to Apple computer network systems.

Each student will have to enroll in an Apple Vision 2015 as a mandatory curriculum prior to graduation.

APPLE VISION2015The 5 Step Process

Installation Planning ExecutionMonitoring & ControllingClosing

APPLE VISION2015The InstallationInstallation for Apple Vision 2015 will begin 6/15/14 Upgrade computer lab at Newark High School.

31 Apple MAC computers, 31 desktop workstations, 1 projector, 1 whiteboard, network printer, cloud recovery, firewall, network security to block student access to social media with the exception of academic research. Connectivity will be shared to district-wide and state-wide servers. Infrastructure will remain unchanged, but new wiring will be upgraded.

APPLE VISION2015The PlanningBudget approximately one million dollars $1,000,000.00. Monies through Race To The Top budget which will not interfere with existing building budget, includes cost of labor, parts, training.

Weekly meetings between to discuss execution, curriculum planning, security, networking and training by1 project manager, 2 technology coordinators, 1 school administrator, 2 curriculum instructors, 1 guidance counselor an 4 teachers.

Project manager will organize an implement plans, meeting dates and provide status reports.

APPLE VISION2015The ExecutionComputer lab will be up and running by SY 2014-2015 beginning August 26, 2014.Installation by the Christina School Districts technology department, outside vendor Verizon for WIFI and internet connection. Business teachers will train during the Summer to learn instruction, navigation and computer access to Apple computer systems.All students will take Apple Vision 2015 as a business technology curriculum requirement prior to high school graduation.

APPLE VISION2015Monitoring

Weekly F2F Meetings

Timeline, Budget & Production

Record Status, Report



Quality Assurance

State Risks

Obtain Stakeholders

APPLE VISION2015The ClosingApple Vision 2015 Project plans will be instituted by the Newark HS Business CurriculumStatus reports on classroom activity will be tracked on a monthly basisSurveys will be conducted annually by students, parents and teachersAll issues will be communicated in accordance with Kubler-Ross 5 stage Project Management Methodology.


Risk: Old building, outdated wiring

Issue: WIFI - line of sight

Solution: Update entire building new infrastructure of wiring and cabling.

RationaleResearch & Development is needed to help schools, keep business curriculum courses to keep students competitive as they enter the workforce.




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