Interesting Facts About Dodger Stadium

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DODGERS STADIUMby Valerie Wardlaw

Built in 1962, Dodger Stadium is rankingbehind Wrigley Field in Chicago (1961) and

Fenway Park in Boston (1912).

Third-oldest ballpark in theU.S.

The area surrounding Dodger Stadium,known as Dodgertown, voted in favor of the

stadium getting it's own zip code.

Zip Code

Dodger Stadium is one of only four stadiums inthe MLB and the only stadium in the National

league that has a symmetrical field.

Field Measurements: Left field and right field -330 feet

Medium left-center and medium right-center-360 feet

Medium right-center- 360 feetTrue left-center and true right-center - 375 feet,

Center field- 400 feet

Symmetrical Outfield

In 1987, Pope John Paul II held mass at DodgerStadium.

Visited by the Pope

The weather plays a key factor in the number of home runs ateam might score during different times of the day. Many of thehits that would most certainly be home runs during the day are

less likely to be home runs in the evening. This is due to thenearby ocean. The air becomes extremely dense at night as a

result of the chilled air and in turn leads to evening hits fallingshort.

Home Run Weather

The Dodgers were the first team in the league to get over threemillion fans to attend their games in a single season.

This was not a one-time occurrence for the team. The Dodgersmanaged to have over three million fans at their games six times

before any other team in the league managed to do it once.

First Team to ThreeMillion

Since 2005, the stadium has been selling1,674, 400 Dodger dogs every year.

This means Dodger Stadium is outselling other stadiums, evenCoors Field, by more hundreds of thousands of hot dogs.

Most Hot Dogs Sold