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Bad Dog, Dodger!

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On his ninth birthday Sam is given what he wants most of all -- a puppy. Sam names him Dodger. The whole family loves Dodger, but Dodger does get into trouble sometimes -- like when he knocks the trash all over the kitchen floor, or chews a big hole in Sam's baseball cap, or jumps into the tub when Sam's older sister is taking a bath. "Bad dog, Dodger!" Sam scolds him each time. "He's not bad. He just wants to play," Sam's father says.Then the Little League baseball season begins. In the very first game, when Sam is up at bat, Dodger comes flying onto the field and runs off with the bat! Sam knows something has to be done or he may not be allowed to keep Dodger, so he starts Dodger's serious obedience training.How Dodger becomes an honorary member of Sam's team is the happy climax of this funny story that -- with Adam Gustavson's humorous, full-color pictures -- will delight all Little Leaguers and their parents as well.

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