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Cricket World Cup Quiz IIITH prelims

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  1. 1. The First ball... Player 'X' Continued from where he left in 2011(bowling the last ball of that World Cup) to bowl the first ball of 2015 World Cup. Player 'Y' was the batsman who faced it in 2015 World Cup. Identify 'X' and 'Y'.
  2. 2. X Nuwan Kulasekara Y Martin Guptill
  3. 3. A Great Opener... Adam Gilchrist is unarguably one of the best openers in Cricket History. His knock of 149 the in 2007 world cup finals is considered as one of the best knocks in finals. What is he pointing to in the below image?
  4. 4. A Squash ball that he had used in the gloves for cushioning.
  5. 5. No. 3 The first World Cup Century for India in an India vs Pakistan World Cup match was scored by?
  6. 6. Mauka Mauka... In first of the series of the famous 'mauka' ad released by Star Sports, The location of the guy also shown along with the ad. Which city it is?
  7. 7. How many? How many man of the match awards has Sachin Tendulkar got agianst Pakistan in World Cups?
  8. 8. Whose words are these? I would say that that day was meant to be my day. I just couldn't do anything wrong. I think that was the best day of my cricket life. In fact, the best day in my life. We went on to win the tournament of course, but in that match, I pulled my team out of the dumps and set it on the winning path with that innings of 175 [not out]. That gave all of us the confidence that we could win from any situation; no matter who comes our way, we could win.
  9. 9. Effort in vain Who scored the highest runs for India in the 2003 world cup final against Australia?
  10. 10. Refree? Who was the match referee who awarded the 1996 World Cup semi Final to Sri Lanka after the crowd at the Eden Garden rioted?
  11. 11. Clive Lloyd
  12. 12. Flying... not a bird though... Identify the superhuman fielder and the batsman from the following pic?
  13. 13. Jonty Rhodes and Inzamam-Ul-Haq
  14. 14. Captain ? Who has captained India in most number of world cups?
  15. 15. Locations? Ahmedabad -> Mohali -> Mumbai What does this signify?
  16. 16. Venues of India's knock-out matches in 2011 World Cup
  17. 17. Free Hit Who is the highest run-getter for India in World Cups?
  18. 18. Do you even need the answer for this???
  19. 19. Bouncer Player 'X' of the United Arab Emirates, broad-shouldered, standing with a dense mop of black hair tucked under a broad-brimmed floppy hat,no helmet, taking guard to face 'Y' on his first ball in his maiden World Cup. It was a sight that angered the South Africans, already bothered by the 40-degree heat in Rawalpindi, who wanted to wrap up the match as soon as possible.Was it a slight to the fast mans ego to watch an Associate player showing no respect by walking out helmetless? The next ball was a perfect on-the-money bouncer: he could not really duck, he sort of stood up and just flinched. It really hit flush on his head. The ball almost came back to 'Y', thats how hard it hit him. His hat fell off. At the end he told he was fine. Identify 'X' and 'Y'.
  20. 20. X - Sultan Zarawani Y Alan Donald
  21. 21. Connect
  22. 22. Only teams to have won the world cup more than once
  23. 23. Put Funda and Fill 1996 Sachin Tendulkar ? 1999 ? Geoff Allot and ? 2003 Sachin Tendulkar Chaminda Vass 2007 Mathew Hayden ? 2011 ? Shahid Afridi and ?
  24. 24. 1996 Sachin Tendulkar Anil Kumble 1999 Rahul Dravid Geoff Allot and Shane Warne 2003 Sachin Tendulkar Chaminda Vass 2007 Mathew Hayden Glenn McGrath 2011 Tilakaratne Dilshan Shahid Afridi and Zaheer Khan

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