Cricket Quiz IIITH prelims

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  • Prelims

  • 1. First ball

    X is the only batsman in the history of cricket to have hit a six on the first ball of a test match. He did this against Bangladeshi debutant Sohag Gazi. Identify X.

  • Chris Gayle - the godzilla of cricket

  • 2. When I die, the last thing I want to see is the SIX that Dhoni hit in the 2011 WC Final. Whose words?

  • Sunil Gavaskar

  • 3.Who holds the record for most runs in a single

    edition of T20 WC ?

  • *4. Nick-NameOne of the most graceful of batsmen, Mark Waugh often made it look easy, starting

    with a fine century on debut for Australia against England in 1990-91. But a couple of

    years later, in Sri Lanka, he ran into trouble, bagging successive pairs in Colombo and

    Moratuwa. Four ducks in a row earned him the temporary nickname ---- ?

  • 5. Advertisement for ?

  • 6. Who holds the record of best bowling figures for India in ODIs ?

  • Stuart Binny (6-4 vs Bangladesh)

  • *7. Who is missing? (exhaustive list)Rohit Sharma

    Gautam Gambhir

    David Warner

    Virat Kohli

    Suresh Raina

    M S Dhoni



  • David MillerZaheer Khan

    (Captains of the 8 IPL teams)

  • 8. Whos tweet ?

  • Kevin Pietersen

  • *9. In an unique idea, the BCCI wanted the Freedom trophy, given to the winner of the India South Africa series to be made out of this particular thing. The plan was not successful though. What was this unique thing BCCI wanted the trophy to be made out of?

  • Metal from the jail bars in which Gandhiji and Nelson Mandela had stayed.

  • 10. Identify the players

  • 11. First person to score a double century in ODIs was ?

  • Belinda Clark

  • *12. Cricket match between teams A and B. Identify the captain of team B.

    Team - A

    Smith Benson

    Burton Harrison

    Russell (C) Flynn

    Brooks Willis

    Wesson Yardey


  • Bhuvan (Aamir Khan)

  • 13. Identify XX was a well known player in the junior circuit. I remember this one time when he

    defeated me in straight sets, but I gave him tough competition. Xs best part was court

    coverage. He had an amazing backhand as well quoted Kevin Anderson on a cricketer,

    also his country-mate. Who is X ?

  • 14. Connect

  • Players to have batted in all 10 batting positions

  • 15. A popular story says that Sir Charles Moses, GM of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation decided to immortalize something as the post office box number of the ABC. What is the PO Box number?

  • 9994

  • *16. One of the most influential figures in the life of Sarfaraz Khan - India's young batting genius - is his father and coach, Naushad Khan. Sarfaraz has found a unique way to thank his father for all his support. He pays his tribute through the jersey number he wears.What is his jersey number ?

  • Nau - Saat , sounding like Naushad, his fathers name

  • 17. Connect this to a recent event

  • 18. Put fun-da2007 - ?

    2009 - Shahid Afridi

    2010 - ?

    2012 - Marlon Samuels

    2014 - Kumar Sangakkara

  • Player of the match in the T20 WC finals2007 - Irfan Pathan

    2010 - Craig Kieswetter

  • 19. Connect (think out of cricket)

  • Cricketers to own a team in the ISL

  • 20. Next?

    When and where, the next Twenty20 World cup is going to be held?

  • 2020 , Australia