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This was our initial session for class retreat #2 that was in Asheville, NC.

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  • 1. Welcome to Retreat 2010Learning and Living the God-centered Life February 5, 2009
  • 2. End times Genesis to RevelationFriday night - Session #1What this retreat is NOT going to cover in detail Anti-Christ Rapture Millennium Beast 666 Current news from the Middle East Revelation Daniel - 70 weeks Ezekiel
  • 3. End times Genesis to RevelationWhat this retreat is PLANNING to coverBe careful about names that men assign to end time theologies.The Bible needs to drive our theology and not vice versaA hermeneutical grid to interpret the Bible from Genesis toRevelation in when forming an end times theology 2 Timothy 2:15 and 2 Timothy 3:16Hermeneutics is a way or a system of interpretation in order tounderstand what the author meant by what he wroteThree distinguishing features of this kind of interpretation Historical-Grammatical Scripture interprets Scripture The NT is the controlling hermeneutic in understanding OT
  • 4. Purpose = the glory of GodGenesis Revelation Plan = Gods unfolding and progressive redemption of mankindThe key to seeing and understanding the plan of redemption inthe Bible from Genesis to Revelation is the kingdom of God.
  • 5. Roots in Genesis New Testament ed at m ed u m rat e ns gu is Kingdom Pre-figured Co au m In ro n om m P ter n gd do om Pat Ki Ki ng ngd mKi gd o n Ki Creation - Fall - Redemption - Restoration The Bible is written mostly in a narrative language that shows us that God is headed to an end. It is Gods unfolding and progressive plan of how He intends to redeem mankind.
  • 6. Gods unfolding and progressive redemption of mankindGen 1-2 Gen 3 Gen 12 Exodus Malachi Matt Rev Teaching sessions Kingdom consummated Friday night Kingdom and Saturday morning inaugurated 400 Overview and definitions years Kingdom Kingdom Kingdom Kingdom Pattern Promise Pre-figured Fulfilled Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4
  • 7. The details can override the big picture approach to the BibleThe problem of starting with the details instead of the overall bigpicture of the Bible can lead to proof texting.What exactly does proof texting meanWatch this short video from Dr. Jim White
  • 8. Teaching video on dangers of Proof Texting
  • 9. For example:Turn to 1 Thessalonians 4:17this has often been used as a proof text for the raptureAn important view in the pre-millenial and pre-tribulation positionis the idea that Jesus will come for His church prior to the sevenyear period tribulation in order to rapture believers out of thepresent world.
  • 11. 1 Thessalonians 4:17Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together withthem in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shallalways be with the Lord.Observation for proper interpretationThis does not appear to be a secret rapture from the contextThe key word to study here is MEET which is apantesis in theGreek and occurs 4 times in the NTMatthew 25:1, 25:6Acts 28:15The word means to leave from Point A and then continue to onesdestination of Point B. It never means returning to original point ofdeparture but rather to continue on the destination Point B.
  • 13. Then we launch into the following information;The different views of the Millennium Ammillenial - no rapture Post-millenial - no rapture Historic Pre-millenial Dispensational pre-tribulation mid-tribulation post-tribulationHere we are looking at puzzle pieces
  • 14. Dispensational
  • 15. The amillennialists who do not believe in a Christ who will set up rule onthis earth. For them, Christ simply comes, judges, and establishes the newheaven and earth. For them there is no rapture.The post-millennialists who believe that the world, through the preachingand teaching of the church, will become more godly, peaceful, andprosperous and that the new age will be essentially like the present with thechurch ruling for a period of time. At the end Christ returns and judges theworld. The post-millennialists also have no place for a rapture.
  • 16. Dispensationalist believe that Jesus Christ will return to the earth prior toHis literal reign on the earth for 1000 years. It believes that this willhappen at the second coming, at the glorious visible return of Jesus Christat the end of this age. Hence it is called Premillennialism, believing in apremillennial return of Jesus Christ.Three groups include the following:1. Post-tribulationists believe that the rapture will not occur until the endof the seven year tribulation, just prior to the beginning of the millennialkingdom.2. Mid-tribulationists believe that the rapture will occur three and one halfyears into the tribulation, at beginning of the three and one half year greattribulation.3. Pre-tribulationists believe that the rapture will occur prior to the sevenyear tribulation, but not necessarily immediately before the tribulation.
  • 17. Instead of looking at puzzle pieces, lets understand the big picturefrom Genesis to RevelationTwo excellent approaches to studying the BibleBiblical Doctrine = circleBiblical Theology = lineIllustration - the box top (Biblical theology) and the borders ofjigsaw puzzle (Bible doctrine)Bible Doctrine is a complete look at all the Scripture in the area ofGod, man, Christ, Spirit, salvation, church or the wordWhereas Biblical theology is a linear progression in the story of theBible from Genesis to Revelation (a tree laying sideways)
  • 18. The Bible is difficult for us to read and understand because:We have to learn how to stand in the language community of thoseseparated from us by thousands of yearsThe Old Testament makes up 2/3s of our Bible and many arent surehow it relates to the New TestamentThe Bible is set up like a narrative that is progressing toward an end.The Bible is not a myth, it is the inspired record in history in whichGod Himself was at work through the authors in the history ofredemption