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  2. 2. A JOURNEY TO THEA JOURNEY TO THE DEEPS OF INSANITYDEEPS OF INSANITY WITH JAVASCRIPTWITH JAVASCRIPT By Juan Ignacio Rodrguez de LenBy Juan Ignacio Rodrguez de Len at twitterat twitter@jileon@jileon 2 de 27
  3. 3. DISCLAIMERDISCLAIMER Javascript is a mix of many good ideas and a few (really) bad ones Spanish technical jargon for this is truo or truaco We are gonna have a laugh with some of the bad parts But beware! The good parts are really good JavaScript is like that friend of you, embarrasing, not so clever, give you a lot of troubles, but hey! he is your friend 3 de 27
  4. 4. WHERE THERE IS SMOKE ...WHERE THERE IS SMOKE ... Sombras de sospecha (Shadow of Doubt, 1998) 4 de 27
  5. 5. THE PARADOXTHE PARADOX The fact is the bad parts where usually included in order to make the language more "friendly" A trouble-less, easygoing environment for the rookie developer... La cena de los idiotas (Le dner de cons, 1998) 5 de 27
  6. 6. THEY WANTED TO BUILDTHEY WANTED TO BUILD SOMETHING LIKE THISSOMETHING LIKE THIS Blancanieves y los siete enanitos (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, 1937) 6 de 27
  7. 7. GOT THISGOT THIS Terminator (The Terminator, 1984) 7 de 27
  8. 8. THERE IS NO INTEGER TYPETHERE IS NO INTEGER TYPE All numbers are stored as IEEE 754 floating point What the hell were they thinking? var a=0; for (var i=0; i