Interaction 2014 - I'm not an intranet manager but... - Steve Osborne

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Due to economic pressures and the requirement to streamline resources an intranet that has a dedicated Intranet Manager is becoming scarcer. In this session members of the Interact Community will show and tell how they creatively maximise the use of limited resources to make their intranet a success.


  • 1. Im not an intranet manager but Steve Osborne, Intranet Strategist, Interact #IIC14 interaction interact123
  • 2. Whos Who?
  • 3. The Childrens Trust The Loop April 2014 696 11% remote, 89% in HQ Connect, communicate, collaborate.
  • 4. Magenta Living YETI May 2010. June 2014 575 27% mobile, 73% office based Easy access to info for all
  • 5. Thorn Baker Brian May 2013 84 53% in HO, rest in 6 offices To be the Wikipedia of Thorn Baker.
  • 6. Key Behaviours/Activities Be creative Be energetic Be encouraging Be positive Be challenging


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