Why Literacy is Important

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  • 1. Why Literacy is Important P R ES E N T E D BY : A N G J U N Y I , C H E W T UA N LO O N G A N D LO K E YO N G J I A N

2. Contents What is literacy Why is it important Benefits of literacy Without literacy... Social Entrepreneurship What we can do to promote literacy 3. What is Literacy? Literacy in simple terms is the ability to read andwrite. Also it literacy refers to having the knowledge and competence on a subject. The United Nations Educational , Scientific and Cultural Organization ( UNESCO ) defines literacy as the ability to identify , understand , interpret , create , communicate , compute and use printed and written materials. 4. Why is it important? Benefits Literacy can benefit to economic growth , reducepoverty , reduce crime. With literacy , people can be educated and get employed for jobs instead of stealing to survive. Literacy helps to boost self-esteem , confidence and empowerment. 5. Why is it important? Without Literacy Literacy is a huge impact on an individuals ability toparticipate in society and to understand. Without it , people will develop social problems and there will be less communication in society. Literacy also have a bearing on how well a country performs economically , without a strong workforce the countrys economy will crippled. 6. Social Entrepreneur There are social entrepreneurs that do their best tohelp out the less fortunate to receive literacy. John Wood and Greg Mortenson are two of the many people who help out. John and Greg both sacrificed their own time and energy to contribute to society. John Wood left his job at Microsoft to start his mission on helping the less fortunate. 7. Social Entrepreneur Greg Mortenson too , sacrificed his time to raisefunds in order to build a school for a village. Both John Wood and Greg Mortenson did a lot with their efforts in order to make the world a better place for the children. It is important that social entrepreneurs exist because without them , there will be a build up of less fortunate people in the world. 8. What we can do to promote literacy Literacy can be promoted throughout the world bycommon people like us. We can promote literacy by doing simple things like , donating our used books , supporting organisation which fight illiteracy and volunteering to teach the less fortunate. If everyone in the world contributed a little to help the world , the world will become a better place. 9. Thank You


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