Social Media and your company

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<ol><li> 1. SOCIAL MEDIA AND YOUR COMPANY T R O Y S M I T H M E D I A D E S I G N C O N C E P T U N I T 1 I N D I V I D U A L P R O J E C T </li><li> 2. WHY WILL SOCIAL MEDIA BENEFIT YOU? There are many ways that Social Media can benefit the company. Social Media has spanned the world Most people with access to the internet have Social Media Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and there are many others </li><li> 3. A N Y W H E R E F R O M S T I L L I M A G E T O V I D E O A D S </li><li> 4. ATTENTION IS EASY TO GET IF YOU KNOW HOW TO GET IT T H E R E A R E C O M P A N I E S T H A T T A K E T H I N G S S E R I O U S A N D T H E N T H E R E A R E C O M P A N I E S T H A T D O N T </li><li> 5. Advertisement is not just in Social Media, but can become apart of peoples everyday lives When people like pages that are on Facebook, they then see everything that gets put on that page Using this will allow you to show your followers what you are doing and what your company is about ADVERTISING </li><li> 6. VIDEO ADVERTISEMENT IS YOUR FRIEND When it comes down to it, Video advertisement is becoming more and more popular YouTube places ads at the beginning of videos Videos can be placed on Facebook They can even be shared on Twitter </li><li> 7. ALL IN ALL Social Media can benefit your company in many ways Many people are on Social Media sites, and the more your out there the more people will see your company An added benefit is that people will be able to comment on your company and you will be able to see these comments and adjust your company accordingly </li></ol>