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Social Commerce through Instagram and Pinterest

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Text of Social Commerce through Instagram and Pinterest



A Perfect Fit on Instagram:Fashion, Health & Sports, Travel, Food

Picture Perfect!#MSMW2016 @KIRST_ENJ

the Simple Way: mention contact info


Profile text & ONLY place to add a LINK!


Create a LANDINGPAGE for your Instagram visitors


Advertising means: a link with your product!


The Worlds biggest Wishlist A Perfect Fit on Pinterest:Fashion, Food, Travel , DIY, Weddings


The way fashion retailer NORDSTROM does it

Fashion Retailer Nordstrom4.4 million followers Most popular Pinterest categories:handbags and shoesMost popular products on Pinterest can be seen in the stores with a label >Uses Pinterest data to influence buying and marketing decisions#MSMW2016 @KIRST_ENJ

PINTEREST introduced the BUY-button!



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