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  1. 1. Twitter #WorldCup 2014 Guide @SMCUAE
  2. 2. Twitter new users along with the existing ones are being offered to choose which team theyre supporting so the team they're supporting is all over their Twitter profile!
  3. 3. Twitter Introduced a Timeline dedicated to the World Cup updates. Users just have to type #WorldCup or #WorldCup2014 in search to view these updates.
  4. 4. Twitter provided a list of all the teams playing in the WorldCup to help the fans find & follow their favorite team!
  5. 5. Similar to the teams, Twitter provided a list of all the World Cup players who have accounts on twitter to help the fans find & follow their favorite
  6. 6. Twitter has now brought back its hashflag feature it introduced in the 2010 World Cup. How it works? users who tweet three-letter country codes for participating nations - such as BRA for Brazil - will see the country's flag appear in their tweets.
  7. 7. Remember, you have to use the correct hashtag!
  8. 8. Twitter is hoping to gain a piece of the second screen action during the 2014 World Cup with hashflags and The World Cup of Tweets. Twitter says it will tally up all of the tweets with hashflags and unveil The World Cup of Tweets bracket prior to the first match Thursday between host country Brazil and Croatia. The World Cup of Tweets
  9. 9. You can also send a Tweet cheering on your team with a hashflag. And be sure to follow @TwitterData and @TwitterSports to follow up with the World Cup of Tweets winner of the 1st match.
  10. 10. @SMCUAE THANK YOU!