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Vincent Boon, an award-winning community manager, spoke at Community Conference 2014 in Copenhagen on April 3rd about how to create a thriving community. Community Conference is organised by Seismonaut.


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>How to create an award-winning community </p> <p>@VincentBoon </p> <p>Where we came from </p> <p> Founded 2009 Revolutionary MVNO World-Leading Community </p> <p> Founded 2012 Community Management Managing Telefonica </p> <p>Communities globally </p> <p>Transforming Business with Online </p> <p>communities </p> <p>Transforming the relationship between </p> <p>customers and Brands </p> <p>To shape the Future of Businesses </p> <p>across the World </p> <p>xxx </p> <p>BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS </p> <p>BETWEEN YOUR COMPANY AND </p> <p>YOUR CUSTOMERS </p> <p>We empower customers </p> <p>A classic support forum: </p> <p>High FTE involvement, struggles during traffic peaks </p> <p>By effectively managing the community and applying the right processes, </p> <p>weve developed a cheap, highly scalable and efficient channel. </p> <p>Peer-to-peer communities: </p> <p>Little FTE involvement, customers solve the majority of </p> <p>questions </p> <p>?? </p> <p>!!! </p> <p>FTEs Customers Company Empowered </p> <p>Customers </p> <p>Customers </p> <p>!!! ?? </p> <p>Why DONT we use Social Media sites like: ? </p> <p> No ownership of platform </p> <p> Likes Purchases or Brand loyalty </p> <p> Less engagement </p> <p> Competition with other Brands </p> <p> No search engine </p> <p> No MGM, Knowledge Base or Ideas Platform </p> <p> Not fit for customer support </p> <p>Online Community Benefits </p> <p>Increase Sales </p> <p>Improve Customer service </p> <p>Product/Service Development </p> <p>Brand advocacy </p> <p>Marketing &amp; PR </p> <p>Market Research </p> <p>COSTS </p> <p>SALES </p> <p>The Philosophy Which Underpins a Great Community </p> <p>1. Mutuality </p> <p>2. Member Involvement </p> <p>3. The collective good </p> <p>4. Simple </p> <p>5. Respect </p> <p>6. Feedback </p> <p>7. Ideas </p> <p>Mapping Community Relationships </p> <p>Relationship mapping helps us to: </p> <p> Virally spread information in the community </p> <p> Understand who the key influencers are </p> <p> Manage sentiment during service issues </p> <p> Effectively manage relationships between members </p> <p>The amount of community relations per active member is </p> <p>critical to the success and health of the community. </p> <p>Relationship Map of Super-users </p> <p>Profiling Expertise &amp; Interests </p> <p>By profiling expertise and interests, we </p> <p>are able to: </p> <p> Connect people with similar interests </p> <p> Manage effective support and advice. </p> <p> Further develop our members expertise </p> <p> Get members involved Serv</p> <p>ice</p> <p>s </p> <p> PAYM </p> <p> Broadband </p> <p> O2 Wallet </p> <p> TU Go </p> <p> Others Pro</p> <p>du</p> <p>cts </p> <p> iOS </p> <p> Android </p> <p> Windows </p> <p> Blackberry </p> <p>Oth</p> <p>er </p> <p>are</p> <p>as </p> <p> Help </p> <p> Discussions </p> <p> Feedback </p> <p> Off-topic </p> <p>As a result of effective profiling, weve been able to: </p> <p> Create user generated self serve guides </p> <p> Develop a 13-fold increase in discussions &amp; feedback </p> <p> Get far higher engagement on specific events </p> <p> Create applications, marketing material, etc. </p> <p>A thriving community needs a team facilitating </p> <p>conversations between members with similar interests. </p> <p>Managing Member Lifecycles </p> <p>We get customers involved by: </p> <p> Engaging with members and build personal relationships </p> <p> Having scheduled interactions with each member, specific to each engagement </p> <p>stage </p> <p> Tracking interaction rates between stages and encourage participation </p> <p> Managing churn to gain a deeper understanding of improvement areas </p> <p>Readers </p> <p>Contributors </p> <p>Helpers </p> <p>Time </p> <p>Enga</p> <p>gem</p> <p>ent </p> <p>Leve</p> <p>l </p> <p>Customers want to help out, but they dont always know how. Show how fulfilling it can be and they will. </p> <p>Monitoring Service Levels </p> <p>Our analysis shows that: </p> <p> 53-65% of all questions are resolved, at no cost to the business </p> <p> Up to 82% gets partly resolved and benefits from community input </p> <p> Only 18% of all questions are directly deflected to customer support </p> <p>To increase the self helpfulness of the community, you can: </p> <p> Run community demand analysis to help tweak your contact strategy </p> <p> Analyse the not and partly resolved categories to create additional self help content and improve processes </p> <p>Fully Resolved; </p> <p>53% </p> <p>Ongoing/ unknown, </p> <p>12% </p> <p>Partly resolved; </p> <p>17% </p> <p>Not resolved; </p> <p>18% </p> <p>Community Service Levels </p> <p>These results are highly scalable as any increase in size </p> <p>of the community, increases the amount of contributors </p> <p>100% visits </p> <p>Knowledge Base </p> <p>22.4% </p> <p>Email an agent </p> <p>0.3% </p> <p>Community </p> <p>77.1% </p> <p>Post in community </p> <p>0.2% </p> <p>Search &amp; Browse behaviour </p> <p>Average response time 2hrs (8am 6pm) </p> <p>Average response time Below 3 minutes (24/7) </p> <p>Best Practice </p> <p>A Quick Comparison of Communities </p> <p>Within a Similar Industry </p> <p>1146 </p> <p>215 </p> <p>220 </p> <p>463 </p> <p>891 </p> <p>145 </p> <p>7 </p> <p>2174 </p> <p>653 </p> <p>957 </p> <p>1505 </p> <p>1279 </p> <p>101 </p> <p>24 </p> <p>0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500</p> <p>EE (296 threads)</p> <p>O2 (1089 threads)</p> <p>BT (1639 threads)</p> <p>Vodafone (1653 threads)</p> <p>Virgin (2676 threads)</p> <p>Sky (11446 threads)</p> <p>giffgaff (11810 threads)</p> <p>Response and resolution times, sorted by # threads per month </p> <p>Resolution time (min) Response time (min)</p> <p>12 </p> <p>100 </p> <p>100 </p> <p>21 </p> <p>22 </p> <p>2 </p> <p>12 </p> <p>FTEs: </p> <p>37% Call deflections </p> <p>In 6 Months provided 7.229 Customer solutions </p> <p>4.5 Millions Solution views </p> <p>291K Savings </p> <p>44,813 4,692 Solutions Posts </p> <p>1,227,472 Minutes online </p> <p>927,515 Page views </p> <p>All of this from a 11 members </p> <p>(Activity from 1/6/2012 present) </p> <p>Impressive Combined Super User Activity </p> <p>3.282 ideas submitted </p> <p>31.813 customer comments on ideas </p> <p>4.6 Million visitors to the Idea Exchange </p> <p>More than 20 apps created by the community </p> <p>Without the Ideas Board, we wouldnt have: </p> <p> Gigabags Blackberry App Coverage map Twitter integration Giffgaff surveys Auto Top up Goodybags Christmas party 2011 Topping up via vouchers Sim in a box Phone Apps in various guises Giffgaff T-Shirts Mobile Version of the community Mini Statements Splash Page for service Outages Forgotten username feature </p> <p>And many more </p> <p>User Generated Content </p> <p>Members create many guides </p> <p>and videos </p> <p> People connect on the go and its our community that leads the way and supports that </p> <p> With well over 20 different mobile applications created </p> <p> And downloads of these applications running into the 100.000s </p> <p>Memoman 5000 promotional leaflets </p> <p>Community lead projects </p> <p>Adamf referral brochure </p> <p>Community lead projects </p> <p>Did You Know.. (visual comparisons) by joshaw </p> <p>Community lead projects </p> <p>Community lead projects </p> <p>Goodybag stand by adamf </p> <p>Community lead projects </p> <p>Over 100.000 Micro SIMs total and 8000 Nano SIMs per month send </p> <p>The Output is Real Commercial Benefits </p> <p>giffgaff results: </p> <p>Customer Service </p> <p> Customer Care saving of 50% vs traditional methods </p> <p> CSAT = 79. NPS = +70 </p> <p> Churn reduction </p> <p> 31% Reduction in 12mth churn (Posting once in forum) </p> <p> 41% Reduction in 12mth churn (Reading more than 5 pages) </p> <p> 52% Reduction in 12mth churn (Receiving any Payback) </p> <p> Reduced CPA </p> <p> SuperUsers activate an average of 40 other paying customers </p> <p> Any forum participation doubles your likelihood to activate a friend </p> <p> Overall referrals from customers &gt; 25% of all acquisition </p> <p>Three Key Goals to Make a Community </p> <p>Work for the Business </p> <p> Signposting Full integration in CRM program and the communications throughout a customers lifecycle Deflections from all channels Internal awareness </p> <p>1. Raising Community Awareness </p> <p> Regular &amp; varied incentives Forum as discussion platform Accessibility </p> <p>2. Increasing Activity &amp; Participation </p> <p> Defining key metrics /targets Understanding whats important to the business (call deflections, increased sales, </p> <p>engagement, extension of the brand, product development, etc.) </p> <p>3. Quantifying Business Benefits </p> <p>The more you integrate your community into your </p> <p>business processes, the more value you get out </p> <p>Vincent Boon Chief Community Officer @VincentBoon </p>


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