Pet Wash and Car Wash Services for a Sparkling Car and Shinning Dog

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  1. 1. Pet Wash and Car Wash Services for a Sparkling Car and Shinning Dog How often have you looked at your car and felt disappointed to have realized that it has gathered a lot of dust due to daily use? The same feeling, perhaps a little more disappointment bothers you when you find your beloved dog, not as clean as he should be. However, in both cases, you tend to feel tired when it comes to cleaning them. Professional cleaning, irrespective of whether it is your car or your pet, is extremely necessary. Happy Bays loves both your car and pet, two of your most precious possessions, as much as you do and therefore, strives hard to keep them absolutely clean. Car wash Calgary service relieve you from the trouble of washing your car regularly and promise you with a sparkling clean one. Save Time and Efforts Required in Car Washing People who love their car and dog often prefer cleaning them at their own place. While you can still manage to find some time to devote on this task on weekends or so, doing it the right way
  2. 2. is often very difficult. For instance, washing the vehicle necessitates that you have enough space for the soap mixed water to flow out. In fact, it requires a lot of effort on the part of one who is cleaning it. Happy Bays, on the other hand, makes the process easy and hassle- free by means of the use of advanced washing tools and cleaning technologies. Professional cleaners facilitate several wash bays such as coin, credit card or code operated ones apart from different types of wash modes. Touch free wash services is also offered, by means of which, your car gets washed with high velocity automatic washing technologies. Let Your Pet Stay Free of Germs The importance of washing your little pet regularly does not need to be underlined. Regular bathing allows the animal to stay fit, healthy and most importantly, free from germs and parasites. However, while you try to wash the naughty one in your bathroom, it runs about here and there creating troubles for you. The bathing, as a result, remains incomplete and unsatisfactory. To add to it, you have to clean the walls and ceilings of the bathroom. Happy Bays brings about a solution to all these troubles. Our professionals clean your pets in the indoor dog washing bays and use high- quality and safe shampoo, conditioners, towels and so on in the process. We realize your love for your pets and treat them with the same affection. ================ Happy Bays Car & Dog wash Email ID: Phone No.: 403-247-8338 Visit Us: Stay Connected Via:


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