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Presentation on Landscape of Automobile Industry in India

Opportunities Unlimited

Express Car WashA Unit of Manmachine Works (P) Ltd.

Introduction Express Car Wash is Brain child of Manmachine Group, the most successful organization in professional mechanized cleaning solutions and services. In a drive to revolutionize the concept of car cleaning in the country and create a Clean Car Culture, Express Car Wash is being launched.

is a prompt and convenient car cleaning service, first of its kind, which serves the purpose of the fast paced society we live in, where people want their car cleaned in the shortest possible time by the professionals while they enjoy a cup of coffee and watch their car being cleaned and polished professionally. is a brand which is literally going to change the way people think about car cleaning. It is a unique mechanized car cleaning concept where cars are pampered by latest equipments including high pressure cleaning machines, spray extraction machines, high powered vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and so on, further highlighting the ritual of wiping the feet before getting into the car. is planning to establish a nation wide chain of car wash units, allowing customers to get their car cleaned in any city in the country without worrying about the quality and avail finest cleaning service at their convenience in a uniformed manner.

Express Car WashKey BenefitsHow does it workNationwide chain of car wash unitsProfessional car cleaningJust in 20 minutesUnderbody cleaning without gantry liftTouch less cleaningEco friendly chemicals for carsEngine hot water/ steam washLiquid wax(Euro std.)No physical rubbing or wiping on car bodyWell defined process and cost effective tooCustomer lounges with excellent ambience

High pressure wash with the best accessoriesEngine cleaning with hot water/ steam washBody wash with foamUnderbody wash and arches cleaning with lifting the carInternal cleaning with suction vacuumDash board cleaning and polishing Foot mats cleaning and dryingAir vents and ash tray cleaningLiquid wax spray to ensure mirror shine surfaceWindows and mirrors cleaning

Express Car WashA Unit of Manmachine Works (P) Ltd.

India is projected to have the largest number of cars in the world 611 million to be precise by 2050. According to the third Bric report from investment banking firm Goldman Sachs, this means every sixth car produced in the world will be sold in India.

The third Bric report says passenger car density in India will continue to be a third of China's until 2025. India will overtake its neighbor somewhere in the vicinity of 2050, when the country will have 382 cars per thousand people compared with China's 363 in that year.

The report also projected that there will be 14.35 million cars in India by 2010, in line with the industry's projection of adding a million cars a year from next year. It presumes a base of 9.03 million cars in 2005.

If any outlet wash on an avg. 20 cars a day then there is a requirement and scope of about 7.17 lacs washing outlets in India.

The three-stage method used for making the projections takes into account historical data to estimate elasticity of per capita use to per capita income. Then these are combined with car firms' forecasts of per capita income to map out the projections of per capita paths of automobiles. Finally, the population projections from the census are used to scale these up into total forecasts.

Business Statistics and Defining Potential in the Business

Competitor AnalysisThis statistics is based upon survey conducted in 100 unorganized car wash/ service centers across different part of India

Competitor Analysis This statistics is based upon survey conducted in 100 unorganized car wash/ service centers across different part of India

Trends in the automobile sector

CAGR 15.4%CAGR 14.2%CAGR 39%Domestic Sales have been growing strongly Exports have nearly tripled in the last 5 yearsLargest three wheeler market in the world4th largest passenger vehicle in Asia4th largest tractor in the market5th largest commercial vehicle market in the world

9Transportation One of the top Frontrunners in Consumption Share

Transportation is projected for biggest growth of more than 200% over base yearSource : The Bird of Gold : Rise of Indias Consumer Market McKinsey Global Institute McKinsey & Company

10The Growth Forecasts

Source : The Bird of Gold : Rise of Indias Consumer Market McKinsey Global Institute McKinsey & CompanyThe Forecast assumes 7.3% (Oxford Economics forecast) compound annual GDP Growth over the next 20 years

The Growth DriversIndia is an economic Power house Demography Dynamics: Youngest Nation - Approximately 60 percent of Indian population below 30 years of age Increasing instances of Double Incomes . Increased urbanization higher customer density Logistics & Transport Infrastructure bringing distances closer. The Technology making big difference

11Biggest Contributor to Economy The Gender Unbiased Service Industry 54% OF GDP

12A Consumerist India

Source : The Bird of Gold : Rise of Indias Consumer Market McKinsey Global Institute McKinsey & CompanyRanked 12th as on date, Indias consumer market is expected to be 5th largest by 2025, matching Italy by 2015 & surpassing Germany by 2025

Wash Programs

What you get from us

15What you need to haveThe winning edge

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totalmillion numbersProduction of automobiles



totalmillion numbersDomestic Sales of automobiles



totalmillion numbersExports of automobiles



Rise in Per Capita IncomeRise in Per Capita Income

Sheet1Financial YearRise in Per Capita Income2004-20055.70%2005-20067.40%2006-20078.40%To resize chart data range, drag lower right corner of range.


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